Thursday, April 30, 2009

Backwards in technology

I am now officially a desktop user-again-sigh. That means I have to sit at a little (might I add messy) desk that is far away from the tv with cable. DH accidentally cut the cable to our living room tv but that's another post. And, if Mustang isnt begging to pleeese play 'dot com' her phrase for then I MIGHT get to spend a little time on the computer. Did I add that there is a bunch of crayon drawings on my screen? Yeah apparently the two children at this house (to remain nameless) thought you could color some of the pages of 'dot com' with crayon.

And why you ask am I complaining about the ability to access internet on my desktop? It would be because my loving son, Charger, decided to pour a soda-well MY soda-all over my laptop.

The big problem was that there was an accident out in front of my house so I ran to see the excitement (dont we all??). We spent awhile outside watching the police men and the fire trucks. It was a great school lesson in the making and I ate it up. We even got to see a police woman :)

Well when the accident was cleared the neighbors were outside and that included Mustang's best little friend E. So, we took advantage of the beautiful sunshine and played outside for a few hours.

We had some lunch, the kids both settled down for nap (yipee) and I settled in the comfy green recliner to kick back, relax, and...WHAT ON EARTH?!!!??? While we were throwing on our clothes so that we could look presentable to be porch monkeys while we watched the excitement of the accident, Charger had poured my soda on the laptop. It had sat that way for-3 hours! So, no saving it. If you turn it on it has a pretty green light on the button and it hums. That's it.

Oh well, I guess I was too spoiled. Lol.

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Ashlee said...

Oh no! Your poor laptop! Hopefully you can get a new one (soda free) soon! It's amazing how kids can seek out and destroy the most expensive "toys", huh?