Thursday, May 28, 2009

My best day ever at the Goodwill

I love the Goodwill. As most of you know I get my kids' clothes from 1)the blessing of hand-me downs, 2) yard sales, 3) Gymboree clearance rack, 4) gifts, and 5)the thrift store. As you can see, its not a high dollar operation. So when I can find something awesome at the Goodwill it is a VERY good day.

I headed over there to drop off 6 large bags and a few boxes left over from the successful yardsale we had a few weeks ago. Of course you cant just drop off the stuff and leave, you have to go in and spend some of the money you made at the yardsale. So in I went.

I found a decent amount of cute name brand stuff for Mini, including a little dress from the Tea collection which I love but generally cant afford. I had my little cart loaded up and I was in line to pay when I turned around and saw them bringing out the new racks. If you go to the Goodwill always check out the new rolling racks, you will get the best stuff there. At the end of it I saw a sea of little pink clothes so I got out of line and ran over to have the first dibs :)

I was pleased to find a few cute sleepers, but I was THRILLED to find what was hanging after. 2 entire 3 piece Gymboree outfits perfect for Charger!! It was all from a yardsale-some still had the tags-that apparently wasnt well attended. I felt a little bad for whomever had the sale (and really wished I had known about it and whatever items I missed), but was very thankful to find my new outfits for Charger.

Everything in the following 2 pictures cost a grand total of 24.94.


Ashlee said...

Wow, that is amazing! What great finds! I LOVE the feeling of getting a good deal :)

Michelle said...

Nice! I love a great deal. My husband always says to me "it's not about how much you spend is it? It's about how much you save!" LOL! Although he's only partially right, I don't like to spend a lot either!

Oh and Hi! It's Michelle(Chmiley) from TWW.