Monday, October 26, 2009

Multitude Monday Blessings 18-27

holy experience

A friend refered me to an amazing site. I LOVE reading a new, inspiring, blog. Dont you? The blog is On her site, she has challenged her readers to make a list of 1000 ways that God has blessed them. Not all at once, little by little, to help us open our eyes to the ways that God shows His love in every moment of our lives. What an awesome challenge. I am so excited to see my list, and to see how it grows over the next few months.

18. Always having enough.

19. Walking up sandwiched between two little people that mean the world to you.

20. Flannel sheets on a cold fall morning.

21. Blueberry muffins made by my man.

22. A day of rest.

23. For 'flower fields.'

24. For Hope.

25. Golden blonde hair.

26. Beautiful autumn leaves.

27. A camera to help me remember.

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Kimber said...

I like this! I might have to start this!