Saturday, November 14, 2009

The End of a Chapter

In 2004 my man and I purchased our first real house. It took us awhile-years-to find one we could agree on. I remember the feeling of home when we opened the door. It had some quirks, and lots of storage. It was the perfect fit for us. The living room wall was already painted with the words 'As for me and my house...we will serve the Lord.'

Looking back it is neat to see God working in our lives as we lived here. A couple weeks after we moved in we visited our church for the first time. Through some people there, I got a new job close to home. My new job allowed me to be able to have time to consider having children.

In 2005, we brought home Mustang. In 2007, we brought home Charger. This year we brought home Mini Cooper. Together, we painted a nursery for Mustang, anticipating her arrival. A few years later, I painted a toy room for the kids.

In 2006, we weathered two bouts of no electricity. First, 3 hot days in July when we got to know our neighbors better. Then, 5 days in December in the middle of an ice storm, thanking God we had added a gas fireplace the year before.

We went through some times of trusting the Lord when DH was without work for months after Mustang was born. We watched God open and shut doors when we thought about moving then. We said goodbye to a baby we never knew, and planted a lilac bush in the front yard to remember. The bush has grown but never flowered.

We made so many amazing friendships. With our neighbors, through our church, and through our work. We watched people change, and grow, and move.

We got to witness our neighbors and friends come to know the Lord and become our family. We sheltered family when their home was damaged in a fire. We hosted Bible Studies and Birthday parties and holiday dinners. Many, many memories.

And now, our time here is over. Just as clearly as He orchestrated our moving in, He has opened and closed doors for us to move on. It is truely amazing to look back and know that the Lord put us here for a certain reason and purpose, and to realize that whatever that was has come to pass. I can only hope and pray that I did well and that He was glorified.

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how ya holdin' up? still have all your hair?