Monday, December 21, 2009

The Case of the Missing Christmas Gift...

A couple months ago I came across a wonderful deal on a gift for my niece. I wont go into all the details, as my SIL and other family might read this. It felt nice to have at least one of the many gifts purchased ahead of time. You see, normally by October I am half done with my shopping. But, with a new baby and a move in process, I had only 3 gifts purchased prior to December 15th.

But, now that I would like to wrap the present for my adorable niece, it has gone MISSING! Where might it be? Well, its not in my closet because I dont have one! And I double checked the van because that's easy.

So, the only places it could still be are 1)packed in a box somewhere in the school room, 2) hidden somewhere in the family closet 3)packed somewhere in a box in the Master bedroom, 4) packed somewhere in a box in the shed 5)hidden somewhere in the old house, 6)with Dora in the Lost City of Toys.

I am pretty sure it may end up being easier to brave the stores on Christmas Eve to find a replacement gift. It may come down to that. Ug.


KateO said...

Oh NO! That happens to me almost every year. But you have a better excuse than I ever do, cause you moved and all. I'm just never organized and don't have a great place to hide presents. I hope you don't have to shop and that it miraculously appears!

Our Country Road said...

Thank the Lord, the gift was found! :) Now I can focus on wrapping. It was in my box of things that would make nice gifts should the need come up unexpectedly. Ha the gift in a gift box, whodda thunk?