Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The All in One Preschool Tray Post

I wanted an easy way to reference all the trays I have created for Mustang. I hope you find it helpful, too. I also created an all in one Tot Tray post here. This post will be updated often.

Raindrop Alphabet Match

Materials: One set of uppercase and one set of lowercase letters each cut from construction paper in the shape of raindrops.

Present the letters in two separate piles. Have your child lay out one alphabet in order and then match the second alphabet to the corresponding letter.

Build a Felt Rainbow

Materials: *One piece of felt in each of the following colors: Red, Orange, Yellow,
green, indigo, violet and white. 2 pieces of blue felt. Cut one layer
from each color, using white to make clouds. Use the 2nd piece of felt
as the sky.

Have child 'build' a rainbow using their memory of which color goes well. Self checking is easy, if not put in the proper order not all colors will be seen.

Folding Cloths

Materials needed: 8 square folding cloths {I made mine from an old changing table
cover}. Draw 2 straight lines on 4 of the cloths and diagonal
lines on 4 of the cloths.

Child should fold 4 of the cloths in halves producing a square and the other 4 in halves producing a triangle. The lines should be on the outside after folding. Child can self check this work by looking to see if the drawn lines match the folded line.

Measure It

Materials needed: *Measuring mats from Walking by the Way
*Ribbon, rick rack, felt, pipe cleaners, etc, cut in lengths to
match the measuring mats.

Child should measure items against the 3 rulers and then place them on the correct mat.

Blindfold Shape Sort

Materials Needed:
*Foam Shapes {Ours were borrowed from our Playful Patterns game}
*Sorting Mat

Have child sort the shapes once and then have them sort a second time wearing a blindfold.

Opening Tray

Materials Needed: *Various containers from around the house. I included an empty foundation bottle, an empty facial powder compact, a jewelry ring box, a circular box and square box {both made by Mustang herself,} and an empty fudge topping jar.

Allow child to open and close each container as they like. A trinket could be included inside some for more interest.

Rock Sorting

Materials Needed:
*At least 2 colors of rocks {I purchased mine in a bag from the Dollar Tree}
*Two trays to sort onto {I purchased my shelves from the Dollar Tree, the slots allow for 1:1 learning as well as sorting}
*Labels for each pile
*Magnifying glass-optional but so much fun {again, purchased at the Dollar Tree in the party favor area}

Present the tray with the rocks combined in a bowl or other container. Designate where the rocks should be sorted to and in by what, in our case we sorted black and white. Work could be checked because there was one slot for each rock.


Melissa: Mother to 3 Little Sprouts said...

I love the opening tray! How awesome is that!

Izzie, Mac & Me said...

Really like the rainbow activity and the opening tray idea too!

Lindsay said...

What a wonderful way to keep track of all the different trays you have created! I also like the rainbow activity :-)

Jo Shabo said...

great activities! Thanks for sharing:)

Debbie said...

I have a couple of awards for you at my blog