Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Art Box-Made With Love

I have a phobia. It involves letting my 4 year old touch anything that I know could create a big mess. It also includes letting her be in control of her own art project. But, I realize that she is missing out on a lot of fun experiences due to my fears.

Nicole at Tired, Needs Sleep hosts a great carnival each week, and I finally decided to let Mustang get in on the fun. The 'Art Box' is a time each week where you give your child a box of art supplies and let them choose what they make.

In our box this week:

Valentine's paper
Heart Cut outs
Heart stencils
Heart stamps
Heart sponge
Red paint
Purple stamp pad
Heart hole punch

Mustang chose a pink heart paper and glued on a few hearts. She stenciled a heart with crayon and put a few stamped hearts inside and around the paper.

Finally, she got to use the long awaited paint. This is the first time she has ever gotten to paint-aside from Do A Dots. She did a good job of keeping it on the paper.

I really liked her finished product:

This week's Art Box went well enough that we will try again next week. To see what other's had in their box and the creations that came from them, check out Tired, Need Sleep.


Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

Oh she did fabulous job!! I just love how it turned out - the sponge heart painting looks so nice. I am so glad that you joined up and that Mustang had fun with all the great things you provided for her!

Elise said...

What a beautiful keepsake Mustang has created. Sometimes the mess seems a little overwhelming, but it is always worth it. I have never come across a mess that I couldn't clean up, even if it has involved a whole lot of elbow grease!

Kim said...

What a beautiful creation! Good for you, letting go of the fear of mess! My mom never let me do anything messy as a child, so my college roommate taught me to fingerpaint, and I had to learn to cook as an adult. Now I let Crumpet make any mess he wants to because I truly do feel like I missed out. Everything can be cleaned, and if it can't, it's just stuff anyway, right?

KateO said...

What a cool idea! I let Q do crafts, but he's always asking me what to do...I want him to just creat whatever, but he always wants direction...
So glad you were able to let go of your fear of messes.

Jillian said...

looks like fun!