Monday, February 22, 2010

Book Review-This is Your Brain in Love by Dr. Earl Henslin

The opening chapters of This is Your Brain in Love are fantastic. Dr. Henslin describes two amazing, loving, God filled relationships that left me yearning to bring that kind of bond into my marriage. Unfortunatly, I did not feel that the book brought direction to do that for me.

The author of this book provides 5 different quizes for the reader. The quizes help to see what, if any, brain deficiancies you might have. The chapter following each quiz goes into further detail of describing the deficincy, how it might present itself in a person, and how it can produce challenges in a marriage. It also provides insight from the other member of this relationship and how the person with the brain deficincy is affecting their spouse. It gives ways to help improve the situation, from diet, to medicine and everything in between.

One of the Appendix talks about a healthy brain and body diet. I enjoyed this section and read a lot of great tips for feeding my family foods that would give them the best brain health. I also found out that 100% cherry juice is good for reducing joint pain-something that I have more and more in my old(er) age.

Overall, I enjoyed the author's style of writing a lot. He is very entertaining and held my attention through would could have been mundane subjects, even though I believe I am a bit ADD (thanks to a quiz in the book). Dr. Henslin also did a wonderful job describing medical subjects in everyday terms so that those suffering from the mental challenges could understand what is going on and do their best to fix them. I loved that he mentions that we are still 100% responsible for what we do, regardless of any deficincy.

Inspite of enjoying the book, it did leave me feeling a bit like a hypocondrac as I read each chapter and could see myself in many of the different brain types. I also felt a bit at a loss of where to go now, since I would not be seeing a councelour or getting a SPECT scan done (a brain scan discussed in detail in the text).

A very interesting read!

Thank you to the Thomas Nelson Book Sneeze Club for providing a complementary copy of this book for my review. I was not paid for my review, nor did it reflect my opinion of the book.

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I reviewed this book too. Thank you for all you thoughts and prayers!