Monday, February 8, 2010

The not so Susie Homemaker playdough

I have never made playdough in my life. You see, I dont cook. I can clean a bit but not much. Yet, I still have a very tiny Martha Stewart locked up in my brain. I am sure that her prison sentence there is much greater torture then her real prison stay-at least there she had hopes of someday being released. Well, I attempted to release her yesterday.

I thought I would make a batch of red or pink, cinnamon smelling, glitter sparkling, soft valentines playdough. So I brought out my recipe book and found out I was missing a very key ingredient. Cream of Tarter. I'd never heard of it before. In fact, I Googled it.

So, I improvised. I added flower and oil and salt and water until it seemed to have the correct texture. It did eventually look like something that resembled playdough, so I was pleasantly surprised. One catch. By the time I realized that it was, indeed, going to make playdough, I realized that I should have added food coloring at the beginning. Ooops.

I added the food coloring, cinnamon and glitter after I finished cooking it. I kneeded it into the dough and it gave it a marble affect. Thankfully, the kids could really have cared less. They could still mold, cut, and play with it. It was a little oily, but I guess that's better then too dry.

I put the Cream of Tarter on the grocery list for today, which DH was sweet to do for me due to the snow. But, he didnt know what it was either. So, the next batch may not be any better. Oh well :)


LIttle Momma said...

Looks okay to me! I'm the queen of improvising and, half the time I make substitutions when I don't have something. I have a great recipe for edible play dough (uses peanut butter if no one has peanut allergies) that's a lot of fun if you ever want it!

Lindsay said...

turned out pretty good for a little improvising! I made playdough yesterday :-).. I happened to have cream of tarter because I use it for my favorite cookies (snicker doodles). Turned out super cute though!