Monday, February 15, 2010

Sensory Tubs: Rainbows and Rocks

I love sensory tubs. They are one of my favorite parts of our school. In honor of our letter of the week R, I made two different tubs this week.

First, our rainbow tub. We made rainbow rice as part of our Raising Rock stars lesson about Noah's Ark, so I used that in the tub. I added white pom poms for clouds and large, clear, glass gems for raindrops. A set of rainbow measuring cups and spoons, from the Target dollar spot and a funnel from the Dollar Tree. I also put in a pot of gold-pieces of gold ribbon and play coins.

Our second tub is the rock tub. I used 2 bags of small rocks from the Dollar Tree and a half a bag of larger rocks. I hid little lizards in the rocks, also from the Dollar Tree. I put in a magnifying glass to admire the rocks and a set of plastic garden tools for digging. I really should have had a bucket, but I didnt think of it until after the tub was assembled. I did end up adding a little plastic cup because Charger really wanted to spoon the rocks. I did find out this is a very loud tub if it is shaken back and forth lol!

Did you make a tub this week? I would love to see it! Just add a link to your sensory tub post below. I hope to make this a weekly linky if it is well received.


sarah in the woods said...

I love your tubs. you have some really great ideas.

Anonymous said...

oo so cute!! I love that there are lizards hiding in the rocks!

Caroline said...

They look like fun ~ not sure I could handle the noise though!!

Mari-Ann said...

Great job on these tubs! Love the rocks!
I create a new tub each month - ok if I link up those ones?

Counting Coconuts

Our Country Road said...

That would be wonderful, Mari-Ann. I'm glad you like our tubs :)

Anonymous said...

Can I link up a post that isn't just about sensory tubs?