Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Great Week at CVS

It's weeks like these that I am reminded why it is that I play the CVS game! This week, I made a haul!! I get all my tips from Money Saving Mom. She has all the coupon links and the match-ups and such. I check out her site the night before {or morning of today} I head to town. She is a pro at the match-ups and such, so I wont try to imitate her here.

For those of you who are following me in this game...I didnt go to CVS 2 weeks ago-the sales weren't that good and I didnt have the extra time. I went last week and picked up the Dial body wash that I had a rain check for {that made them free} and some toothpaste that cost me .99. I spent 4.48 out of pocket and left with 5.00 in ECB.

This weeks run down:

Transaction #1 {you can do as many transactions as you want to!}:

2 ThermaCare, 2.49 each, earned 3.00 ECB for each. Evidently, the computer can not write ECB ending in 50 cents on a rain check. It rounds up to the nearest dollar. I had this happen with the Dial Body wash, too. I like this computer! Used 5.00 ECB from last week, OOP: $0.00

Transaction #2:

1 Crest Prohealth toothpaste 3.50 earned 3.50 in ECB
1 Crest Prohealth mouthwash 3.50, earned 3.50 in ECB

Used 6.00 ECB from Transaction #1, OOP: $1.00

Transaction #3:

Pantene Shampoo & Pantene Conditioner, 6.97, earned 3.00 in ECB. At a little less then 2.00/bottle, I can live with this. I dont have a stash and needed shampoo today.

Used 7.00 from last Trans #2 {lost 3 cents}, OOP: $0.00

Transaction #4:

2 Right Guard Deodorants, 2.99 each, earned 2.00 ECB each, used 2 1/1 coupons.

Used 3.00 ECB from Trans #3, OOP: .98

Transaction #5:

1 Package of cheese crackers for kids {last minute decision and not in picture because we ate them} $1.00
1 Package Huggies $8.49, earned 2.00 in ECB, Used 3.00 coupon

Used 4.00 in ECB from trans #4, OOP: 2.49

So my total for this week: I used my 5.00 ECB from last week and spent 4.47 OOP {before tax}, and have 2.00 in ECB for next week. Not too shabby seeing as the package of diapers alone usually costs $12.00 {yes the 'original price' at CVS is ridiculous}.

And my 2010 running totals are now:

Total Spent {OOP before tax}: 16.01 Total Saved: 65.58 Current ECB: 2.00

Do you CVS? Do you have a website you like to find your coupons at? I'd love to hear about it! God Bless & have a great Saturday!!

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Anonymous said...

I would love to. But for some reason I must be just not comprhend it all. I know people lay it all out and it seems so easy. But it overwhelms me. I know this could really be beneficial. So, I need to do it (hands on) and see for it myself. Reading it all is one thing, but if I just do it I probably would get it all. I am just a hands on person.

Thanks for sharing. Great going!

Becky said...

i am highly impressed! and a little jealous. lol i will definitely be checking into this little gem! the "money saving mom" link doesn't work. can you fb me a good link? thanks.