Friday, May 7, 2010

Nature Walk: The Lost Pictures

Remember the pictures I thought were lost on my fried laptop? Well I was only 1/2 right. Turns out, I uploaded some of them and then forgot where I saved them-still lost but thankfully now found. So I can still share them with you!! This means we will be going back in time, but the photos are beautiful, so believe me its worth it! Hopefully, I will still get the sequencing cards done one of these days!

The white peach tree. I love how the branches that have buds are red!

A half developed pine cone. I seriously had never seen a pine cone in its growing stages. I think these nature walks are just as much for myself as for the kids!

The Bradford Pear Tree in full bloom. Mesmerizing. I felt like I was in the presence of God.

And my favorite, the apple blossoms. I could have taken pictures all day. Actually I did. These were my favorites. I hope you enjoyed them all! God Bless


Carolee Sperry said...

Beautiful. I too keep going around the yard taking pics- the apple trees, lilac treess, flowers, frogs, snakes, whatever.

Totally an outside gal!

Have a great weekend!

Aaron and Annette said...

absolutely gorgeous! You all live in a beautiful part of the country! Thanks so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Simply stunning.. I would really love it if you made sequencing card printable.. just saying ;-)