Monday, May 10, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things ... Homeschool Hop #9

~a great back massage~
~finding a great deal~
~free stuff~
~a clean house~
~a great yard sale~
~relaxing in a swimming pool~
~the smell of fresh lilacs in old mason jars~
~apple blossoms~
~falling asleep on freshly washed satin sheets~
~baby clothes~
~looking out the window of an airplane~
~taking pictures~
~a great Sandra Bullock movie~
~being pregnant~
~hearing the words I Love You~
What are YOUR favorite things?
Join us on the Home School Blog Hop hosted by Kylie at Our World Wideclassroom.


Debbie said...

A great list. I just love your mentioning lilacs in an old mason jar. There is no better vase for lilacs then an old mason jar, they were just made for each other!

Anonymous said...

oo very large number of these would be on my list if I was participating! I love back rubs, yard sales, good deals, free stuff, flowers in mason jars.. ohh also like drinking tea of out one!

Kylie said...

me too I was nodding along as I was reading. :)

Family Style School said...

I love your list!

Anonymous said...

Love me some massages, and Great Yard Sales. They are hard to find now these days in my area.

Bonnie said...

Great list!!!

kewkew said...

When my older children were younger we used to give each other back rubs. They did a pretty good job too. It was so relaxing! Love your list.

Virginia Lee said...

You have some good ones, lilacs, I Love Yous and Baby Clothes. =)

Anonymous said...

I love the spirit of your blog! Hope you have a wonderful year. Following from an older blog hop I found on Google :)