Saturday, May 1, 2010

What My Child is Reading: Letter A Books

This is our first time linking up with 'What my Child is Reading' at Mouse Learns, Mouse Grows. I'm not completely sure why I havent gotten on board before? It could be because our book selection is slightly limited as we dont have a local library to check books out at. But, I know we have some in our personal library that are worth sharing. Hopefully, we can make this a weekly blog post.

Our letter for the week was A. Here are some of the great books we read:

My "a" Book by Jane Belk. This was a cute, simple book that highlights words that start with A. In the book, a little boy goes about filling his box with things that start with the letter A. This is very fitting since we often do this in real life with our letter of the week. Both kids really liked this book, but especially Charger. He liked it so much that when he saw me with it to write this post he kept asking me to read it to him and wouldnt let me type anything until I had. Unfortunatly, it looks like you have to buy this book as part of a book club set {I hate book clubs}. So, maybe the library is a good place to look instead.

Berenstains' A Book by Stan & Jan Berenstain. A basic book that is likely in your home library, but is great for learning letter A.

Goodnight Arizona by Adam Gamble and Joe Veno. I LOVED this book. My father is an Arizona native and on their last trip out to visit, my parents brought this book back for the kids. It goes through all the Arizona landmarks and even the sports teams. A very fun book.

and My Big Animal Book by Roger Priddy. This fun book is a great resource for helping little ones learn the names of a variety of animals. It is packed with actual photos of animals from around the globe.

To see what others are reading this week, check out Mouse Learns Mouse Grows.


Debbie said...

All those books sound so cute! It is nice to see you linking up!

Julie said...

This is a great set of books. I especially am interested in the Arizona book for when we cover that state in our geography lessons.

Raising a Happy Child said...

Welcome to WMCIR, I am excited that you decided to join. We loved Jane Belk Moncure series - luckily, our library has them. And we were reading Good Night San Francisco this week - Anna enjoyed seeing things in the book that she had a chance to see during our field trip a few weeks back.