Monday, June 7, 2010

A Place for Everything

...and everything in its place.

About a month ago, I did a hug toy purge. I hauled out 5 trash bags from the toy stash. I didnt even realized we OWNED that many toys, let alone extra. I promise I have pictures coming very soon. I cleared out the toys so that I could create a 'Toy Library.' I also wanted to be sure that every toy had a place.

As I went to put something of MINE away on Saturday, I realized that it didnt have a home. We have been living here over 6 months and some things still dont have a place. I have been shuffling things from here to there and back again. It has been working OK, but I'm done with OK.

I only have a certain amount of space here, and if I dont have enough room for something, I need to decide if the item is worth the money it will cost to create space for it, or if it needs to leave. I have also realized that some things were put in a spot when we moved in, but after being there for 6 months I know that it would work better elsewhere.

I have been very motivated the last couple days, and I have been taking tons of photos. I cant wait to show them to you! I think this is the first time I have done honest to goodness organizing-not just decluttering-and I love the way it feels!!

Are you taking on any big projects this Summer? I'd love to see them! God bless!


The Empress said...

I love cleaning, purging, giving to those who need. I just spent last weekend doing that. And gave away toys and clothes and books to the women's shelter in the town 30 minutes away. We took 5 bags and 2 boxes of things. The people there were so happy to get things clean and in good condition.

alicia said...

Can't wait to see pics! I'm a HUGE organizational junkie as well. No greater feeling than a good purge!

KateO said...

Cracking up at your comment that you've been living there over 6 MONTHS and still somethings don't have a place.
Girl, I've been living here 6 YEARS and somethings don't have a permament place and yes its soooo annoying. We have NO storage, I and purge about every 6months when I can no longer stand it.
Good luck w/ your organization. Scott and I are in the midst of this w/ #3 on the horizon.


Ticia said...

We've lived here 5 years and some places still don't have a space. It's so sad. I'm working on purging stuff, but it's such a slow process.

Autumn Living said...

I'm the queen of organizing...although I'm more relaxed about it now than I used to be...a good thing I'm sure. I'm looking forward to the pictures.


Anonymous said...

yay!!! I so want to do this too! Can't wait to see your pictures :-)