Monday, June 28, 2010

Product Review: Reno Rose Nurf

Last week I celebrated the 10 month breastfeeding milestone mark with Mini Cooper. This is extra exciting since I had to start giving Mustang formula at only 2 weeks due to a lack of milk production {Dr's orders}. I am so thankful to have had the chance to nurse Mini so long. Both Mustang and Charger were completely weaned by 4 months since I went back to work. But, the joy of being able to nurse Mini this long has not been met with a few challenges. The biggest being the subject of modesty.

I have read the cute little 'like' club on Facebook that says 'if you have a problem with breastfeeding, try eating with a blanket over YOUR head,' and quickly joined the-it's natural, it shouldnt offend you club. The problem is that it did offend someone, my husband. His exact words were 'so you aren't being as modest as you used to be, eh?' Um right, return from the all natural planet to reality. So, I set about trying to find a good solution to my problem as the old 'blanket over the head trick' really doesnt work with a 10 month old who is bobbing on and off-knocking the blanket off my shoulder.

When I received the Reno Rose Nurf, I knew I had found the answer to my problem. It is a beautiful, soft, scarf that provides the perfect amount of coverage, and allows for modest nursing. I love that it is made of an opaque sheer so that no one can see through it, but Mini Cooper doesnt get too hot under the cover. The Reno Rose Nurf fits over your head so there are no straps or velcro that might come undone, and it was long enough to cover Mini Cooper completely so I was able to wrap the end underneath her so she didnt pull it up.

The extra added bonus to the Reno Rose Nurf is that can be used long after I have stopped nursing Mini. The Reno Rose Nurf is a patent-pending convertible scarf created by Rino Greenwood, founder of Reno Rose. Originally invented as a nursing cover, the Nurf also complements any woman's outfit as a fashion accessory. The Nurf serves five different functions and can transform into 14 completely different, unique looks.

Functions of the Nurf include the following

Nursing Cover
Stroller/Car Seat Cover
Accessory for purses and diaper bags
Shade for baby carrier or sling
Fashion accessory: to see all 14 different looks, please refer to "The ways to wear Nurf and it's sizing reference."

The Nurf is available in ten designs:

Ramon: paisley print with splashes of purple, blue, and teal
Stephanie: abstract paisley pattern with salmon hues
Gabrielle: leafy pattern with neutral green and mustard
Juli: black, white, and yellow bold geometric pattern
Emily: soft blue with a modern floral pattern in ivory and brown
Gwen: white flowers on a chocolate brown background
Minako: abstract white roses on a black background
Janelle: lime green and ivory geometric pattern
Noir: the basic black Nurf (not recommended for nursing due to fabric's sheerness)
Akino: black and sheer with dramatic red rose print (not recommended for nursing)

To find out more, check out their website Reno Rose Nurf,
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God Bless!

"This is a Mama Buzz review. Thank you to the Reno Rose Nurf company for providing a complementary Nurf for this review."

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