Monday, September 27, 2010

Sensory Tub: Hide and Seek Box

This month our sensory tub was full of packing peanuts. Mustang and Charger had a grand time breaking them into 1.7 million little pieces. I have to admit that there is something soothing about the feeling of pulling apart little Styrofoam S's.

To make it a little more interesting, I put together a hide and seek page. I made a list of all the items in the box and then drew them so that Mustang and Charger could find them even without my help.

As the items were found, they were placed on their corresponding picture. 1 Apple, 2 Bumblebees, 3 Grasshoppers, 4 Seeds, 5 Ants, and the letters to spell ANT. There was also a teeny tiny white 'snowball' just to make things challenging. All the items were just various colored pom poms in different sizes.

The kids didnt find the box quite as cool as I had hoped, but thy still had fun with it. God Bless!


Annette said...

What a fun idea! I have yet to do a sensory tub with my kids, but it is one of those things that is "on the list" ;-) I hate it when you're all excited about something new for the kids that you think they will love, and they don't love it quite as much as you had hoped hehe Sometimes I definitely get more excited about these types of things than they do ;-)

Anonymous said...

What a fun box! I need to get my sensory box ideas written out and actually execute on them :-) Love this idea!