Monday, October 18, 2010

Acorn Color Sort

Another cute tray I put out at our Preschool Homeschool Co-op group was this Acorn Color Sort.

I LOVE the little acorns. I got them at the Dollar Tree where they had all kinds of pumpkins and gords, but these acorns were the cutest. I found the little glass bowls at a thrift store. They are apples :).

The card I put with the tray reads:
Acorn Color Sort
Level of difficulty: Easy

Sort acorns by color into apple bowls.
Control of error:
All acorns in each bowl will match.
Questions to ask your child:
*What are we sorting? {acorns}
*Where do acorns grow? {trees}
*Who eats acorns? {squirrels}
*How many of each color acorn are there? {14}
*Point out that there are the same or equal number of acorns in each color.

This activity was very popular here at our house and at the preschool group. Even I have to say its one of my favorites.

Happy Monday! And God Bless!


Anonymous said...

What a fun and simple activity! I could see Sammy loving this!

Annette said...

Love it! Cute idea! Gotta love the Dollar Tree!

247mama said...

Gotta love the dollar tree. I got the same acorns and have used them in our fall sensory bin. Thanks for visiting my blog. you've got a lot of great ideas on here.


The Princess and the Tot said...

Love these! They don't have them at my Dollar, tree, though. BUMMER!