Monday, October 4, 2010

Alphabetical Leaves

I was inspired to make these leaf cards by the printable 'Leaf Alphabet Sequencing' on I thought the idea was cute, but I was low on both white card stock and color ink. So, I thought I would make it from random colored scrapbook paper in my stash. I traced the leaves from the printout on childcareland, and cut them out of my paper. In the end I should have got a pack of white paper, used the black and white file and colored the leaves. My way was too time consuming! Other then that...the tray is quite neat.

There are two ways the tray can be used. One for matching lowercase and uppercase letters and the other for practicing alphabetical order. Here is the info that was on the card that went with the tray:

Alphabetical Leaves
Level of Difficulty: Medium to Hard
Objective 1 {medium}:

Match the lowercase and uppercase letters.
Control of error:

Once a match is made, turn the cards over. The back of each set should combine to make the capital letter in the set.
Objective 2 {hard}:

Put the letters in alphabetical order. String the leaves on the 'branches'-the brown pipe cleaners.
Going Beyond:
*When the letters are in order, since the ABC song.
*Have your child pick out the first letter in his or her name.

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Anonymous said...

What a fun tool!! Love how cute these are and all of the different games you can play with them :-)