Thursday, March 31, 2011

HSV Garden Challenge #1

That, my friends, is my current-sad-garden! I dont know who is more sad, my garden because it still looks like winter-save for the slight green of the iris leaves, or me because its still too cold to get out there and work in it!!

This is my second year having a garden, but the first year having a garden here at this house. I have many plans to 'improve' upon last year, but with different conditions I am interested to see how my garden grows at all.

My planting list:
-cucumbers (less then last year)
-zucchini (much less then last year)
-sunflowers-for DD
-tomatoes-hoping for better results then last year
-green beans-new this year.

I found out last year that anything that takes more then 90 days to grow is pointless since I get tired of gardening by that point and quit weeding, so no watermelons this year.

I would like to get the kids more involved this year-but we will see how that goes. We will certainly be looking more closely at each plant this year if nothing else.

So that's the plan-which will likely change at some point.

First order of business is to find a tiller...or maybe I'll just go read other garden plans instead :). For some real inspiration, check out The Home School Village for the Garden Challenge link up!

God Bless!


Anonymous said...

I am glad my garden isn't the only sad one.. However, mine is my own fault. I didn't prep it for winter and just let it look like a nasty mess all winter long!

Zonnah said...

I agree, plants that take a long time are hard for me as well, lol.

Layton Family Joy said...

glad to know you have a cut off point - 90 days, that IS a long time to grow a plant! And I'd usually kill it by then too !!

Thanks for linking up today (your preschool pack was kicked back to our email??)

next link up April 28th 10am est.

mountain mama said...

hey! i'm a city girl living 32 miles from town in the mountains!! never a dull moment! :)

God bless~

Pauline said...

Best of luck with your garden. It'll get better and easier every year you do one. I would definitely recommend you purchase a good tiller. We used the old-fashioned hoe and rake for years and finally decided to purchase a tiller last year. BEST decision ever!!! We can plant so much more and it's not a back-breaking on my husband ;) We are slowly coverting over to a raised bed garden system. Not sure if we'll ever COMPLETELY convert over, but it would be nice.

You mentioned not wanting to get out and work b/c of the cold...well, I don't want to get out and work in mine b/c of the heat. lol! I LOVE living in Southeast Texas, but it sho' does get hot! I try to get everything done in my garden between the hours of 7 and 8am. Anything after that and it's too hot already ;)

Kendra said...

The house we're moving to doesn't have gardening space, so I'm going to have to get creative. I'm hoping to have tomatoes maybe hanging or along the house (I make and freeze pasta sauce each year), and herbs in strawberry pots or window boxes. I'm going to miss my gardens here!

Chinobilly Mamma said...

You blog is AMAZING! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving I comment. I'm so glad you did because you led me to your blog! Good luck with your garden too (from one "pro" to another *wink)