Saturday, May 28, 2011

Garage Sale Treasures May 28th

Well, it's been a crazy week and yesterday (yard sale day) was no exception. We had a million things to do, so we didnt get to very many sales. It was also raining a little bit and many of the sales closed up. We did go to a total of 6 sales, but it took a lot of effort to find those! Very surprising as there were 64 listed (some were just on Saturday).

Our grocery store was also having some really great deals this weekend so I didnt have as much yard sale money. But, that's okay I could almost write a post on how happy I was at my grocery store shopping this week-it was that good!

Dont worry we still found a few fun things :).

A few super cute play sets for Mini Cooper. The sets were 50 cents each and 25 cents for separates. She is right in the middle of 12-18M clothes and 24M clothes. She needs the length of the 24M, but the tummy of the 18M. It certainly makes things interesting! I'm hoping these legging capris will be a good medium. Plus the price was right!

A few cute things for fall, also for Mini Cooper. 2 pair of jeans, 50 cents each. 2 sets, 50 cents each. 2 pair pjs, 50 cents each. And 4 tops for a quarter each.

I wanted to comment on clothing buying here. I know it seems like I have only been buying for Mini Cooper, but honestly that she is the only one I have really been finding for lol! I have found from a few years of yard sale experience that if it is the right size, condition, and price, and I have the it. If I dont, I end up needing said item later do to a growth spurt, or a child getting into the 'ruining of clothes' stage. And then, I cant find anything in the needed size. I dont know when, but in the near future, I will likely stop finding things for her. It's just how it works.

The other clothing findings were very limited. Mustang is super hard to buy for right now as she is in between sizes. All the cute clothes I bought a few weeks ago (7/8) ended up being too big, and most of her 6's are too small, so now I'm leery to buy anything! It seems that she needs a 6x only, but that is a hard size to find. We found a few yesterday, but they were all for winter and I just cant imagine she will be in the same size 5 months from now. Like I mentioned above-if a size or item is truly needed, it is much harder to find lol!

So I DID pick up one pair of light pants for her, an outfit for the new baby (tech said 85% sure its a girl) :)! 2 tops and a pair of shorts for Charger. I LOVE the little tool top I found for him. It's a brand I've never heard of and super duper cute!! 2.25 for everything in the picture.

A few books and videos. I was pleased to find the Madeline movie (one of Mustangs favorites) the Cinderella 2 (I didnt know that it existed) and the ladybug movie. I went to the car to grab some cash-it was just a few steps away-and evidently Mustang added a movie and 4 books to the total when I wasnt looking lol. The price at the sale was so cheap I didnt even realize there was extra until we got home! 3.50 total.

And my find that made yard sailing worth it yesterday! A puzzle cabinet and 4 puzzles-one Melissa and Doug, and another unopened....all for $5.00!!! Yay!!! Believe it or not we own a number of puzzles and never once came across a puzzle cabinet. The unopened puzzle will likely be a gift as it is almost exactly like the open Melissa and Doug puzzle.

So those were my finds this week. Lets see I just realized I didnt photograph a pair of socks, a toy sword, or a 10 cent baby doll that Mini Cooper picked up-heartbroken arent you?

Did you find some fun treasures this holiday weekend? Hope so!! I hope you'll link up at My Life on a Taffy Pull so I can read about it. Because, sharing our finds is 1/2 the fun!!


Debbie said...

I so wanted a puzzle set with a cabinet when Selena was younger. You will love it and so will your kids!

Mrs. Taffy said...

...using Google chrome to comment here...:o)

I totally agree, sharing our finds is half the fun! I also totally agree with your clothes shopping philosophy, I find the same thing to be true.

I love the puzzle holder and the baby outfit. It's so fun getting ready for a new baby!

jess_hak said...

Great finds! Love the puzzles. I probably would've paid $5 for the cabinet alone! Those are some really cute clothes for a great price. That is what I mean when I say garage sale prices. Anything between .25-1.00. We have tons of clothes to sell in ours next weekend and I can almost guarantee that there will be no item over $1.00. lol Have a great Memorial Day.

Anonymous said...

Have I told you how much I like your garage sale treasures posts?? I love seeing what you pick up! :o) Those wooden puzzles are great. My daughter played with those all the time!