Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Printable Preschool Ordinal Numbers Game

Today's lesson was on ordinal numbers. I received our curriculum free, so I didnt receive any of the cool worktext papers, etc., and am often finding things online to use. I couldnt find anything online that did quite what I wanted to see, so I made my own. Though of course I found on after!

I found these cute {copy write free} little people from Microsoft. I simply printed them off and glued them to half a file folder to get the length.

Then I printed these cute ribbons, also from Microsoft. I just wrote the ordinal numbers on them.

The object was to match the ordinal number with the correct child. I added Velcro circles to make the ribbons stick.

I found that even though this was 'Mustangs lesson' it was something she had already mastered. Charger, on the other hand is just beginning to grasp it. He worked on the game, and wanted to match the colors at first. Eventually, he got it with a little help.

I did go ahead and upload my game pieces in case you want to recreate it. Its nothing special, but it may save you time in the future.

Download kids here
Download ribbons here

God Bless and Happy Learning!


Our Peculiar Lives said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! :)
lol, no, we're not in Arizona! :) I thought it was dry and hot down there?? We're in wet and cool. . . The shirt was a gift quite some years ago from his brother, who went to Arizona for a vacation.
As for what took him so long. . . well, he just was really really hoping a lawn would take eventually there. It's just too cool and wet on that side for even the shade blends, nothing will grow but moss and swamp grass.
Well, our "Arizona Lawn" went in just in time for another downpour! :) He'll probably go out later to check the baby pea plants, and if he doesn't do the splits, we'll consider it a success!

Elle Belles Bows said...

Thanks so very much for sharing!!


Anne said...

Thanks for sharing number game ideas! I really need a different learning styles in my child's math subject!