Sunday, June 26, 2011

Garage Sale Treasures June 24th

This weekend was a busy one for yard sales in our area! Over 90 sales to choose from. I always hope that went to the right ones :). We found a few fun things-nothing too big, but a few things for everyone.

First up, some clothes for me! They are maternity, which is on my list of needs. I am looking for more capris and jeans since, sadly, it seems I am a bit bigger this pregnancy then the other 3. Or they shrunk-I'm going with that answer :). A knit skirt, capris, 3 tees and a pretty shirt, $6.50-the pretty shirt was 3 of that. AND 2 super cute pairs of boots! 50 cents a piece!!

These were probably my favorite purchase of the day-newborn size clothes for the baby (who I believe will be called Explorer). I've mentioned before, my babies are always needing to wear the preemie and newborn size clothes for the first month or so, and it is a very hard size to find. I try to keep a good stash of this size. These are all Carter's except the Baby Gap set, so I was willing to pay a little more for super cute stuff. There are also 2 pair of shoes, a dress and leggings for next year. The sets were 2.00 each, the boots were 1.00, and everything else was 75 cents or less. Total 11.75.

Clothes for Mini Cooper, including a Hartstrings dress for 25 cents, 2 Rams dresses for 25 cents each, 2 different sizes(we love the Rams), Lands' End day dress for 1.00, and a super cute watermelon set for 50 cents. 5.25 total.

For Charger, I hit another quarter sale (seems they are rather common around here-which I LOVE!). I really like the set in the middle, and we needed jammies-shorts ones that is. There is even a Tommy Hilfiger polo in there. $2.75 total.

And for Mustang, most of this came from the quarter sale as well. My favorites were a super cute Gap green stripe shirt and matching yoga pants, a Tommy Hilfiger polo, and pjs! We found the Gymboree apple dress at another sale for 50 cents. $4.50 total.

Snow boots! The black pair is for Charger, 50 cents, the pink are for Mustang, 1.00, flip flops 25 cents. Not shown is a pair of tennis shoes for Charger, 50 cents.

School type stuff, Lincoln Logs set, $2.00, Discovery Toys park-its a shape matching game, 1.00. Word puzzles, 2.00, Peter Pan book on tape, 50 cents, and a color puzzle game that Mustang picked out, 50 cents.

A Polly Pocket set that Mustang found (and loves). $5.00 for everything! It has all the pieces, she just couldnt find the one big piece when I took the picture (she since found it). I asked her to put the set out on the table for me to take a picture. I had no idea she would lay out each an every piece-including the random shoe that ended up in her bag. LOL I guess she really likes it!

My deal of the day. 8 LeapFrog books and cartridges for 1.00 total!! One book and cartridge dont match and there is a duplicate, but I really dont care. It was a steal!

And probably the favorite of the day (at least for the kids) is this Dora Magic Castle complete with tons of people and accessories-$10.00. Oh how I wish I could have found this alone and saved it until Christmas. It was seriously like Christmas when we got this home. The kids have been playing with it-together-for more then 2 days!

I noticed that my pictures are missing a big lot of tractors for Charger, 3.00, a Scrabble game, 25 cents, and a brand new shirt for my husband, 25 cents.

So $59.50 for everything-not too bad! I have to admit my budget for the week was 50, and the Dora Castle was at nearly the last sale. It put me over my budget, but I'm glad that I went for it, the kids are loving it!

I'm linking up at My Life on a Taffy Pull, for the weekly round up of Garage Sale Treasures-come by and share yours, too!


Rugratmommy said...

Wow you made out great!!

Anonymous said...

Yay you did great! I got some good deals this week too! Love that top you found for yourself!

Crystal said...

GREAT deals!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Great deals! That's so cool that you found clothes for yourself, what a blessing! I'm going to do a special post about how I garage, it will cover how I can buy thing stealth like so I can save them for gifts! :o)
Until next week garage sale buddy...

Jennifer said...

90 garage sales around you!!!!!! I think we live further in the country than you. ;)

Jacquelin said...

Stopping by from the Crew! You did an awesome job on your treasures. Congrats on your newest blessing!

jess_hak said...

Well, you said at the beginning that you didn't find many fun things, but I think you had great success! You found clothes for everybody! Plus toys for everybody. :)

Such great finds. Thanks for sharing.

Carolyn said...

Wow!!! First off I hardly ever find clothes priced at 25 cents, so yay for you! Also holy cow, wow, on the leap frog pad books!! We found a pink one awhile ago and are saving it for when the girls get a bit bigger. So I've been on the lookout for more books, which I find but they are always without cartridges! And finally, yay on the Dora castle! What a great week!!

Briana said...

Wow, great finds! I'm not so good at getting up early enough to garage sale.

Thanks for visiting and following my blog!

Kimber said...

Wow! Do you just drive around looking for the sales? It was easier in our last location but here I have no clue!