Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What's in the 4th of July Pack-Part 2

**If you downloaded the 4th of July pack yesterday, please note there was a small error with one of the games, I have updated the pack and it is right now. Sorry!**

As you probably read yesterday, I made up a few 4th of July printables to use with my kiddos, and share with you. The pack can be downloaded here and the first post about the pack (and pictures of some of the contents) is here.

The free pack includes:

*US flag cards 1-10 and star counters
*4th of July themed 3 part cards
*Patriotic kids matching game
*Counting puzzle
*S is for star sorting mat
*Beginning sound clip cards
*Uppercase/lowercase group matching game (4 game boards)

As you can see, the activities vary in skill level so that all of my children have a few activities in the pack. I have links to each activity in this post and the last if you prefer to just download one or two. Hope you enjoy it!

Uppercase/lowercase group matching game (4 game boards and letter stars)

We played this together during school yesterday and it was a HUGE hit!

Each player takes a mat that has stars on it. Each star has a lowercase letter.

When it is the player's turn, they take a star from the bowl/box/etc, and see if they have the matching letter on their mat.

The loose stars are all uppercase letters, so this helps with lowercase/uppercase matching.

I did find a huge OOPs on my own board while we were playing. I was only able to use 24 of the 26 letters of the alphabet, and got confused which ones I had chosen to use, so I had an x on my board and a Z in my hand, neither of which had a match lol. I have since fixed the file to have 2 X's :). Sorry about that! I was thankful that I got the messed up board because the kids loved filling theirs up.

Mini Cooper was the surprising winner, even though Mustang had a clear lead throughout most of the game. I hope your kids like this one as much as mine did! It can be played as a group, or as an individual filling all 4 mats.

Patriotic Kids Match Game

This game is much easier then any others in the pack. I made it specifically for Mini Cooper. It includes 8 matches-4 girls and 4 boys. For this one, I simply presented the game to her. If I were laying it out for a group, I would put self checking stickers on the backside.

She really loved finding the matches, but turns out that 8 matches were a little overwhelming for her. So, I narrowed it down to 4. First the girls.

Then the boys, then I mixed up 2 girls/2 boys etc and we played about 5 times before she was ready to move on.

S is for star sorting mat

No one has taken this off the shelf yet, so no action shots. It is a simple sorting mat for uppercase and lowercase letter S.

Counting puzzle

And this last one is a puzzle. Have your child put the flags in number order and it will create a picture. You may want to print this one on landscape, it seems to have cut off the side of mine when I printed on portrait. (Sorry still pretty new to this printable making thing).

I wanted to thank you all for the great response to the pack, I'm so excited that many of you are enjoying it! I hope to bring you more like this in the future.

Happy 4th of July!! and God Bless You!

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How cool! I love the puzzle so festive!