Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ordinal Numbers-Montessori Style

A recent lesson was on ordinal numbers through 10th place. Googling the idea, I found a great game that was first presented on Montessori in Mars and then again on Adventures of Bear. I thought the game looked perfect for our needs, so I printed it out.

To start, I downloaded this awesome barn from McGuire Zone. Hint-when printing choose the print view option and make sure that the large part of the barn isnt in the picture so you dont have to print that part so many times! I printed on card stock and then glued the barn doors to another piece of card stock. I used an exacto knife to open the doors-its really hard otherwise! I colored clouds and grass, but that's not required :).

I pulled out the animals from our MacMillan Farm Animals Math Manipulatives. We received them as an amazing hand-me down and they are no longer available, but they are almost exactly like the Learning Resources Friendly Farm Counters.

I typed out ordinal numbers 1st-10th and glued one above each door.

I typed out instruction cards that said where to put each animal-for example put the yellow horse in the 10th door. Each child would read a card (or listen to me read it) and then follow the instructions.

Even Mini Cooper wanted to read her cards-it was very funny!

The children all really enjoyed this work, and did a great job of helping one another.

Here is how I put it out on the shelf after our group lesson:

I left this out on the shelves for awhile and Mini Cooper, especially, has taken it off the shelf a lot. She doesnt understand the ordinal numbers, but it is a great chance to learn 'in and out' concepts as well. And, I have to admit its one of my favorites, too! The little animals are too darn cute lol.

Have a great Tuesday! God Bless!


Our Homeschool Reviews said...

What a neat idea to learn ordinal numbers. I sometimes miss all the fun crafts and learning games for the younger ages.

Rugratmommy said...

I printed that out last year and my kids also loved it! Fun, fun, fun. :)

Mozi Esmé said...

I love how this involves all the kids...

The girl who painted trees said...

Bear never liked this. I'm glad it worked well in your family! I've since found other ways to play with ordinal numbers.