Sunday, August 14, 2011

Garage Sale Treasures: August 12th

Well after 2 weeks of no real 'treasures,' I am so glad to say that we FINALLY have some fun new things! The afternoon started out with a thunderstorm, but it thankfully cleared off and left us with a great day for yard sailing!

Clothes for Mustang: Top picture has 4 short sleeve tops, 3 long sleeve tops, a pair of cords and pjs-5.00, Second picture: a really pretty Emily West dress set, 2.00, red stripe top and skirt, 1.00, Gymboree set, 1.00, ADORABLE black boots, 3.00, Gap stripe top, 1.00 and Gymboree zebra skirt, 1.00.

Toys for Mustang (well SOME of them). 2.00 for 38 My Little Ponies! I will be trying to sell some of them. The rest are for the girls.

Clothes for Mini Cooper-6 pairs of tights, 1.00! And, the CUTEST pair of boots, 1.00.

Toys for Mini Cooper: More of the Little People Amusement park that I am giving her for her birthday, 1.00-I was not happy with this price, but it wasnt marked and I really wanted it. I didnt know the price until I walked up to pay. The big guy on the side is a puppet-new with the tags. He is a full body monkey puppet and I know that Mini Cooper will LOVE HIM. She didn't notice him, so he will be a gift. $1.00.

Clothes for Explorer. I have been increasingly frustrated by my inability to find baby basics at yard sales here-blankets, hats, socks, etc. I have found that I really like having gender specific ones rather then neutral (I love the color pink), I gave all that I had away after Mini Cooper, because in our last time it was super easy to find them used and I figured I'd just get them when I needed them. I was happy to find these unused blankets. They were 2.00, but brand new. Bib, hat, onesies, and socks, 2.10. Sleep sack 25 cents (great deal compared to most sales!), and a Gymboree outfit to save, 1.00.

Clothes for Charger: Pjs, Old Navy Top, John Deere Top (he loves it), and swim trunks, all 50 cents each.

Toys for Charger: A beat-up but cute Thomas game. It is perfect for matching! 1.00. And a super cute Little Tikes firetruck. 3.50. Note to self, look at price closer before agreeing to your son you would purchase it! Why I thought it said 2.00 initially, I have no clue!

Stealth purchase for Charger :). A play rug for his room, 3.00! Between the firetruck Playhut I got a few weeks back, the Thomas Books and this rug, I am all done shopping for his birthday and have spent all of 9.75!!

Stuff for me. Maternity capris!!!! Doing the happy dance :)! Finally!! I actually found these at our thrift store when I popped in to see if there were any baby clothes. 2.00. Tupperware cereal bin, this was on my list! I had actually purchased a few Rubbermaid ones at Walmart a couple hours before! 1.50. Hamburger holders from Tupperware, 2.00, and another Tupperware tray-I love them for tot trays-1.00.

Books and movies: The books were 2.00, Nutcracker movie, 50 cents, and a princess book that Mustang had to have, 2.00.

My favorite purchase of the week (other then the capris): Photo blocks!, 1.00 for the set. Shoes for Mustang that missed her photo, 2.00. And, three books from the Alphabet Book set. I am trying to collect these without paying a million dollars, 1.00.

And my treasure to sell this week, a discontinued Kidorable bumblebee rain coat, 3.00. I'm not sure how much this will go for, I'll be interested to see how it does!

I'm linking up over at my bloggy buddy friend's blog again this week My Life on a Taffy Pull. Have you found some treasures this week? Dont be shy, link up and show us. We love to see a good bargain!!

Have a great week!! God Bless


Mrs. Taffy said...

Hooray for a great week! I love the tights! So great for a Midwest winter! I love the rug too! Good job on the stealth purchases!

Char said...

Great finds. I just recently started going to garage sales. I've found some nice things and they are much cheaper than a consignment store. I am also trying to sell things too.

busy little bee said...

Great finds! I can't believe you got all those little ponies for $2! All those thick tights for $1, those are a wonderful for winter. I'm going to post my yard sale finds later this afternoon. Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

yay what great finds!!!

Amy {Coupon Tipster} said...

Jealous of the My Little Ponies for $2. That is an awesome find! You had a pretty good weekend!


Carolyn said...

YAY, on the photo cubes!!! I've been praying I find those at a yard sale, since I have the membership to the Education Cube website. I just can't bring myself to buy them off Amazon yet. And LOVE the playmat!!! Glad you had a great week saling! :)

Anonymous said...

Love garage sales too... we started collecting the ABC books that way until I found the whole set at a GS for $4.00!!! Gave the others away. They are a favorite set of mine.
Amanda at