Monday, August 22, 2011

Garage Sale Treasures: August 19th

This last weekend was a fun weekend for yard sales. Everyone was in a good mood, the weather was okay compared to other weeks, and we found a few goodies!

I FINALLY found a yard sale that had baby clothes for a quarter-and they were CUTE and CLEAN!! There werent a lot at that sale-I bought all the girl stuff she had and only spent 7.00. But, it was all in the sizes I needed! I found another sale where things were 10 cents!! And a third with things for 25 or 50 cents.

20 onesies (different sizes, some short sleeves, some long sleeves).

6 fleece sleepers and a cotton sack, various sizes.

6 adorable outfits, some for now some for next summer-isnt that cupcake set cute?!

And a bunch of separates-swim suit, jeans, Gymboree tops and shorts, and little hats. For the clothes in the above photos I spent a grand total of: 12.70!!! Between these things and a super cute box of clothes I bid on and won from eBay I am pretty much done shopping for Explorer!! It's nice to have that pressure off-of course now I'll find a bunch of stuff ha ha!

I found one sale that advertised baby clothes, but instead I found a few things for Mini Cooper. Tops were 25 cents, bottoms 50 cents. So, I picked up a few fall clothes for 3.00.

A few non clothing items-Mustang found a pad of scrap book paper for 3.00. She has been busily making us all cards. She loves to do art, so this was worth the 3.00 for me. A stack of folders- 25 cents for all, the lone book-Magic Schoolhouse, 25 cents, and a super cute pair of boots for Explorer, 1.00.

The kiddos treasures: A bag of Knex (I think they are) 25 cents-hours of entertainment from that little bag!! Hammer for Charger, 25 cents, cash register, 1.00, and a set of puzzle blocks, 25 cents.

There was this ONE sale, though. It annoyed me. There were PRICE LISTS. Not prices like-kids clothes one price, adult clothes another price. Prices like-long sleeve outfits, 4.00, short sleeve sets, 3.00, everyday sleepers, 1.00, FANCY sleepers 2.00. Prices were different for clothes sized 0-6 months then they were for 6 months-4T. Yeah, it was annoying. And I probably SHOULD have left. But, the stuff was so cute!! The problem for me was, that there was no price to say what the long sleeve outfits were for 0-6 months and, silly me, thought FOR SURE they HAD to be cheaper then 4.00-um nope!

So I dig for a little while-it was all in bins-while Mini Cooper decided to keep running off. It was hot, the sweet (but smelly-I dont think they wear deodorant) Amish ladies dug away and complained in German next to me (at least I THINK it was German). I totally wished I could join in the complaining of the prices, but I only knew English. Finally, I gave up on digging, took what I thought I was willing to pay for to the front and tried to pay.

When I got there, I found out that the sets were-indeed 4.00-so back went 2 sets right off the top because they were WALMART brands, and would have cost me less on clearance at the store. Then, I asked what fancy sleepers were and was told-ones with ribbons and bows. None of mine had ribbons and bows, so I set them up in my pile. Well, turns out FLEECE sleepers-even with a small stain were 2.00. Um, no thanks I'll wait for the 25 cent sales :).

All in all I DID get some cute stuff. I think I was just so frustrated by the whole of it, that I have a hard time realizing that some of it was actually a deal. Thank God not all yard sales are that way!!

Here is what I DID buy:

Bitty Baby jammies for Mini Cooper, 2.00, the rest are for Explorer-Gap jeans, 2.00, Carter's fleece set-4.00 (not a deal, but I was already hooked), and a newborn hoodie set 3.00 (again not much of a deal, sigh).

Gap Argyle outfit, 3.00, Gymboree set, 3.00 (I talked her down from 4 because it has a small stain that I hope comes out), Hanna Andersson NWT top, 2.00, Gymboree Gymmies, 1.00 (there were a few rare deals), John Deere set-4.00 (ouch, but its so cute!).

I also bought a maternity skirt there that was super cute and I already wore it for 2.00 (the adult clothes belonged to someone else and were a deal lol). I spent 27.00 for these clothes.

Total this week was right at 50.00. I didnt picture a pair of jeans I bought for myself (for post baby), and three 25 cent clothing pieces I bought Charger. Not a bad total, and I got some cute stuff.

I hope your yard saling was less stressful then mine! Come link up at My Life on a Taffy Pull!


jess_hak said...

What an annoying price list! I must admit that you went in with more gusto than I would've. For starters I abhor digging! For another I don't like price lists. lol I applaud you for trying....I would've walked away in 2 min. :)

I found some great jammas this week for the boys. I was very grateful for a couple of the sales I went to with wonderfully priced boy clothes. I plan on posting tonight or tomorrow.

Mrs. Taffy said...

Lots of adorable clothes!

The one sale I was at had all the clothes sorted by size in bins with a price of $1.00--JUNKY t. shirts. I just don't understand some people's thinking. Would they pay that much for that?

Love all the baby clothes, it's so fun getting ready for a new baby!

learning table said...

You got some really cute things--I love all that pink (no girls at my house!)
It's funny how once you get used to bargain shopping, you just can't pay "too much" for anything. My boys have laughed at me for putting something down at a store and saying I can get it for less at the thrift store :)

Amber said...

You are an animal when it comes to garage sales. I think. I need you come out here and help me. I never seem to find the deals like I see on your blog.
Looks like you got some great deals. Except from crazy price list people.

Great job!

Debbie said...

You got some very cute clothing. I don't know how you managed the one yard sale with the price list. If prices seem high or figuring out what each item costs, I will be more likely to walk away.