Monday, August 1, 2011

Garage Sale Treasures: July 29th

Well, I think I'm going to call this week 'the Dud.' Seriously, it was not a good week. I mentioned before how like minded people seem to have yard sales on the same weekend. It was VERY TRUE this weekend. And, it was not the people I would buy from.

The biggest problem was the lack of sales. In the time frame we had available (the same time frame we go to each week), there were only 4 yard sales that advertised things that we would be interested in. We drove by the 2 others and I could tell from the road that their ad was correct and we would not need to get out.

And just to let you know that I am seriously not lying, here is what we bought. Brace yourselves...this is going to be very disappointing compared to other weeks!!

A few books, Mustang picked out the Barbie books. Daddy just got her a new Barbie movie, so she wants any Barbie book she can find! I'm just glad that movie watching seems to have encouraged her reading. Not sure that is normal lol! The Dick and Jane book was a fun find. She loves Dick and Jane! 25 cents each.

A couple clothing items for Mustang. Even these werent as great as I thought, I found a hole in the navy shorts when taking pictures *sigh.* $2.00 total.

A few items to make busy bags for our upcoming road trip. The little case was 75 cents, normally a bit high for me. But, since I wasnt spending money on anything else, I was willing to pay the extra. The others were 25 cents.

I was very excited about this find. I read a post on Counting Coconuts about a personalized Guess Who? game. I added it to my Pinterest and have been on the lookout for Guess Who? ever since. It's the travel version, but I think it will still work 75 cents.

The kids' finds. Even their finds werent anything worth talking about this week. Picture is missing one toy that Charger found. $1.50 for all the kidlett treasures.

Last up, a booster for Mustang. She has one, but this one is super skinny. We are hoping to rent a car instead of a van for our trip and we need skinny car seats if we expect to put three in one row. Hoping that this car seat will help. $3.00

And that, my friends, is IT!! We brought it home in two grocery size bags. No accusations of being Hoarders this trip out. Grand total?? $9.00!!! Thank the Lord not every week is like this!

So what are you to do if you have extra money (gasp that doesnt happen to me), and really are wanting to find stuff for busy bags? Head off to Hobby Lobby :).

All but 2 things we bought at Hob Lob were on sale or clearance, but my total was still $34.00. Not yard sale prices, but still good deals. I hope to have a busy bag post up later this week, to show you what I did with all this stuff :).

I really hope you found a few more treasures then I did this week! If you would like to read about some more successful yard sale trips, check out the weekly link up at My Life on a Taffy Pull.

God Bless!!


Anonymous said...

Tough week! Have fun on vacation.. where are you guys going?

jess_hak said...

If it weren't for the baby clothes that I found this week most of my garage sales would've been duds too. I only spent $20. lol Really excited to see your busy bags though! Love Hobby Lobby.

LeeanneA / KMullally said...
This is my stash from Saturday - then we went back out Sunday and today - but I don't have pictures. My husband got a dell flatscreen computer monitor for $5 - he is over the moon! I got a TV with built in VCR for one of our classrooms. We always do great! I only spend the change I have left over by the end of the week - which may be $20 or $30 tops and I still come home with $10 to $15.
We get lots of free stuff - 'cause I'll beg for the kids in my class! LOL
I'm addicted - good thing my boss wants me to buy stuff for the entire school as well!
Ya have to go every weekend to find really great stuff!

Mrs. Taffy said...

I think it's the time of year, sales will likely pick up in the fall when kids are back in school and the weather cools down a little.

I really like the striped dress you got though--so cute!

I don't know what Hobby Lobby is, but it looks like fun! :)

Carolyn said...

Oh gosh, mrs. Taffy, hobby lobby is amazing!! Like an incredible michaels and joanns put together! :)

Love the guess who travel game and the idea for getting it! Can't wait to see the finished product!