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B is for Bear Kindergarten & Preschool Free Printable Pack-And Our Wrap Up!

Over the last few weeks we have been learning about the letter B. In case you wondered, we do a lot of things at the same time! Like with the letter E, I made up a pack of printables to use with my kids and to share with you! I hope you like them!! I decided just to have the one file this time, since it doesnt seem that many choose to download individually. The package can be downloaded here: B is for Bear pack.

**For some reason, my pack has been reported for copyright infringement laws and is currently not downloadable.  I am trying to find out what I have done wrong (if anything) and as soon as I can get it resolved will get it back up.  I try hard to be honest in my sharing, so hopefully this was just a mistake!  Please check out my other printables for now.  Thank you!!!**

The B is for Bear pack includes:

*Three part beginning letter B cards (based on the items in our alphabet box)
*Uppercase and lowercase letter B sorting mats
*Bears and tents word family game
*Sight word cards
*Bears and fish cards and counters
*Color fish sorting
*First letter clip cards

Our literary tie in was The Three Little Bears. I had thought about making a printable set for the story, but I was excited to find out that there is already a great set out there! offers TONS of great printable sets to go with your favorite stories (free!).

I let Mini Cooper play with our 3 Bears set after our story. She loved matching the different sizes of bears, chairs, bowls, and beds.

While Mini Cooper played, Charger and Mustang made books. The books are also from Kizclub, but I could not find them on the site. I got there initially by following a link from The Virtual Vine (which has a ton of great ideas for a 3 Bears unit), but Virtual Vine takes you directly to the download which I try to avoid. But, in this case I dont seem to have a choice. Here is the direct link:


Letter B 3 Part Cards
I presented the 3 part cards to all three kids at the same time, then they worked on them individually at other times. As I was making the cards I realized that there are a million and a half words that start with B, so I am sorry if I am missing any words that you think should be in there! I went by what was in our alphabet box...which was A LOT!

Uppercase and Lowercase B Sorting Mats
Since she loved it so much last time, that I made Mini Cooper sorting mats that had a place for each of the bears (she doesnt feel like she should make piles of things, she thinks they should each have their own spot). This week, however, she wasnt really very interested. Do you see the 3 Bears on the pocket chart behind her on the floor? THAT's all she wanted to do :).

So she went back to her story, and Charger decided he wanted to do the work. It's too easy for him, but for some reason he wanted to do it, so I let him.

Bears and Tents Word Family Game
In this set, there are 4 tents-it, in, et & en. The bears have words on them: sit, hit, bit, tin, sin, win, set, net, wet, ten, hen and ben. I attached the tents (already laminated) to a piece of card stock (not laminated) and cut the tent open. The idea is to put the bears in their word family tent. *I base the words and word families on the lesson we are in following the Bob Jones K5 Beginnings Curriculum.*

Sorry there are no action shots, I was helping one of the other kids and Mustang did this one pretty quickly!

Sight Word Spelling Cards

Like last time, I set out the scrabble pieces and trays to use these cards. I just somehow didnt get a picture. The set has bears instead of elephants and includes the words: a, here, is, love, mother, orange, the, and a blank card that you could write in any word you want your child or students to work on.

First letter clip cards.

There is one card for each of the 8 sounds we have 'officially' introduced in our curriculum: t, short i, s, n, h, w, e and b. I say it that way because Mustang is already reading, I just want to make sure she REALLY knows her phonics!


All three kids worked on their B is for Balloon page from Learn The Alphabet Arts and Crafts. It is a 1.00 download book from Scholastic and I really recommend this one!! This is Charger's completed page.

Charger and Mini Cooper doing their letter page. I found these Bible stickers in the the Hobby Lobby clearance isle last year!

Mustang once again did her letter collage from Homeschool Creations.
Bears and fish cards and counters. Each bear is fishing for a certain number of goldfish. Help him catch the correct amount. I thought it would be super cute to have real goldfish for this tray, but I learned with the elephants and peanuts, that if there is food in our classroom, Mini Cooper will eat it!

I have not had luck with getting my kids to do cards and counters work in the past. This time I worded it like I did above. Instead of saying, "Charger, can you come help me count?" I said, "Charger, can you come help me feed the bears?" That worked! After he was all done counting the fish to the bears, I had him match up our beads to the correct set.

I guess I had Mini Cooper in mind a lot when I made this set, because this one was 'for' her, too. She seems to have gotten interested in colors lately so I thought this would be a fun way to work on them. The counting fish made me think of colored fish, so away I went :).

The object is to match the fish to their mats. It turns out that there were too many fish for Mini Cooper. I just now thought about the fact that it would make a fun group game!

B is for blocks that make a puzzle. No clue where they came from (yard sale find), but they made a great tie-in with our food pyramid lesson.


B is for Build, using the Melissa and Doug nuts and bolts set. I dont think it's made anymore, but this is a good alternative.

I hope you enjoyed our B lessons and can use some of the printables with your children or class!

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Have a great weekend and God Bless!!


Kristina said...

Here is the link you were looking for, I use kizclub all the time. It's great.

Great activities.

Giggly Girls said...

Those puzzle blocks are so cute!!!

Super cute printables! Must have been bears in the air. I made a couple of bear printables myself this week.

Dawn said...

What cute stuff! I didn't know you made printables! Guess I haven't read your blog for a while, but I remember you blog from Tot School link-ups.

I'm loving that fish game. My Max would really get a kick out of that!

Marlynn said...

My girls are the same way in thinking each Bb needs a spot instead of piling on top of each other.

martianne said...

Such fantastic work you are doing. Love the literature theme tie in!

Lulu said...

We just did B is for Birds at our house- your printables are super cute! Thanks for sharing! I am sure I will be able to use in the future.

Looks like a lovely week- I am sure your kids had a great time!

Deb Chitwood said...

Awesome Letter B printables and activities! I love that you created hands-on activity trays with the printables. Great idea to invite your son to help feed the bears! Thanks so much for sharing your free printables - and for linking up with Montessori Monday! I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page:

Maleah said...

Those bears and tents are too cute!