Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Montessori Mini Knobbed Cylinders

Mini Cooper received some money from her grandma for her birthday.  I wanted to get something that would really benefit her, so I chose something for the classroom.  I decided to purchase a set of Mini Knobbed Cylinders.  I wanted to purchase the large set, but they were just simply out of the budget.  Plus, I knew that the mini set would be more beneficial to Mini Cooper at this time anyways.  

I chose to purchase from IFit International, because my normal outlet for purchase does not carry the Mini Knobbed Cylinders.  The price is 1/4th the price of the large set, so I could justify purchasing these for now and still getting the full sized Knobbed Cylinders sometime in the future.  

I gave Mini Cooper one block at a time, thinking I would introduce one to her each day.  She didnt like my idea and asked for another as she completed one. I dont think she could do more then one at a time.

For Mustang and Charger, I gave them all 4 blocks at a time.  

They were simple enough to do this.

In case you are new to Montessori materials, the Knobbed Cylinders teach depth and width.  The cylinders are often the same size around, but longer or shorter in length.  Or, they are the same size in length but wider or narrower around.  Or, a mix of the two.  Its a puzzle of sorts, but not one I have seen replicated elsewhere.

We were very pleased with the purchase and all 3 of my students enjoyed the new work.  I would recommend adding these to your shelves!

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Anonymous said...

These look like fun! Thats cool that even the older kids still like them! :-)

Jen said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am following you on GFC, and these mini cylinders are AMAZING...I had no idea they existed...I have a huge Montessori shopping list for my 2yo, I am def adding these to them! TFS!!

Michele said...

This is a great blog! I just found you and I also just added you to my Google Reader subscription list! I was wondering...what do you do about shipping fees? I looked up the mini cyclinders and they do seem reasonably priced, but the shipping just about doubled the price! Any tips? We're on a tight budget...