Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The First Christmas I Ended Up in the ER...

So last Friday night I ended up in the ER.  Ug.  Other then when I was having a miscarriage, I have never been to the ER.  And, this was certainly the first time I was picked up in public for an Ambulance ride.  I did ride in one when I was in labor with Charger, but that was between hospitals.  To say the least, it was exciting!!

Friday night we were in my hometown visiting my family.  The town hosts a wonderful Christmas celebration that begins with an evening parade.  The parade this year was AWESOME!!  Over 60 entries of beautiful floats, 2 marching bands, a horse drawn carriage and a few politicians.  Oh, and a ton of fire trucks, police cars, and ambulances.  

After the parade was over, we all headed over to the town square to watch Santa Claus light up the Christmas decorations.  We-as in my parents, hubby, 4 kids, brother, sister, brother's girl friend, a few friends and about 3,000 other people.  Yes I DID feel like a Whoo in Whooville!  

We all gathered around and listened to the community band play Christmas carols.  Then the Mayor greeted everyone and Santa 'turned on' the city decorative lights.  Afterwards, he went to his 'house' to greet children and listen to their Christmas wishes.

As you can imagine, that is his busiest night of the season and we didnt want to wait all night.  My brother and his girlfriend were awesome and went to save us all a place in line so that we didnt have to.  We walked around looking at the decorations until my brother called to say we had just a few more people until it was our turn. 

Moving 3 children, aged 2, 4, and 6, along with a large stroller through a mass of people is hard even with Grandma and Grandpa's help.  It was dark, and we were in a hurry, and all of a sudden...I was DOWN.  Apparently someone had moved decorations and left a hole just the right size for my ankle to twist all up and send me to my knees.

Ever fallen in a crowd on city property?  Oh my, I was sooo embarrassed!!  Before I knew it there was an off duty EMT checking me out and calling 911.  Minutes later I was being carted off in the Ambulance.  Thankfully, it is not broken. I am still in pain and limited in my movement, but thankfully DH has been AH-MAY-ZING!!  

So, my goal was to have Explorer see Santa for the first time.  Hopefully, she still will!  The older kids did get to see him as a distraction from me leaving since they had started to get upset.  But, instead of Santa pictures, we got this one instead-not exactly the memory I was hoping for, but oh well!

Hope your Christmas season is going well!  Merry Christmas


Annie@Letters to Mo said...

I had no idea the parade was that big! I haven't been back there since 07, but really want to go for a trip once the weather gets warmer.

I'm glad you are okay! It's scary how fast things happen sometimes.

jess_hak said...

Oh no!!! Sad. :/ Hope it heals up quickly! Yea for an amazing hubby!!

Anonymous said...

Ouch!!! So glad it's not broken! I hope the rest of your Christmas is boring in comparison! ;-)

Carolyn said...

Oh my goodness!!! You poor thing! Hope you heal quickly!! :)