Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Gift Ideas-2 year old girl

First I wanted to thank you all for your warm wishes about my leg!!  It seems to be healing well.  Hopefully, I will be okay throughout the birthday party for Mustang and Charger tonight (it was delayed a little due to a new baby and harvest).

I realize that your shopping may already be done.  But, for those of you who are still shopping, I hope some of these ideas will help in your search.  BTW, I wanted to add that I put in links to Amazon, but due to the state I live in, I can not be an Amazon affiliate.  The links are purely for your help, as online shopping has been my saving grace since my leg is hurt!  Well that, and it's nearly impossible to shop for surprises with 4 kids in tow!

This year, I was able to find some great used items for Charger, but was not that fortunate with the girls.  I hope to change that next year!  Here's what's going under the tree for Mini Cooper:

First, is this adorable dolly named Mali.  She is a Waldorf style doll from Haba.  I randomly stumbled on her and she is LOVELY!!  She's also sold out, but there are other dolls to choose from.

We had a cute porcelain tea set, but since we have a cement floor in our toy room, it is no more.  Hopefully, this wooden one from Plan Toys will be a good replacement.

I also found some lovely items on Etsy!!

Mini Cooper LOVES peg people.  I found an adorable set from Beneath The Rowan Tree that I know will be a hit.

To go with her rainbow girls, I found a rainbow puzzle from Bugaboo Crafts.  I want to be a 2 year old this Christmas!!

Mini's 'school room' gift (the gift that will go in the school room after the Christmas excitement) is a fun Kumon Cutting book.  She LOVES cutting right now!!

A couple pairs of kid scissors will make sure that she ONLY cuts the paper :).

Lastly, Santa will be filling her stocking with this Primer Pack of Lauri toys.  I plan to open it up and use it as the stocking stuffers rather then fill her stocking with a bunch of Dollar Tree junk (though I am sure a few things will be added).  

Now for the wish list.  Here are the rest of the things that she would love, but this Santa cant afford this year :).  Maybe they will give you more ideas if you are still looking for your little one.

And ANYTHING Little People (though she has most of it).

If you are looking for ideas for your other children, I also have a gift idea list for 4 year old boys.  I hope to have a list for 6 year old girls, baby girls, and extended family in the next few days.

I pray your holiday season is going well!  Merry Christmas!!

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Anonymous said...

Aww she is going to love that doll! Well all of her gifts really! Don't over do it on your leg for the party.. it will just make it take that much longer to heal up!

Mrs. Taffy said...

Love Love Haba! Such great gifts!!

Carolyn said...

such great gifts!! love the idea of splitting up the one present for stocking stuffers! I always struggle what to put in stockings. So smart!

Kylie said...

Love that doll. I hope you'l link this to the latest Christmas Fun Linky