Saturday, May 19, 2012

Garage Sale Treasures: Week 1

Finally!!!!  Yard Sale season is here again!  Okay, it's been here, we just haven't been able to go to many.  

This year the kids and I started off with a fun weekend of yard-sailing in a little town just 10 minutes from our house.  It wasn't the best sales I have been to, but it was so nice to just head down for a couple hours and come straight back.  Usually, we go yard sailing in the town 30 minutes away when we are in town for groceries.  Grocery shopping and yard sailing in the same day makes for a LOOOONG day.  So, it was super nice to have a relaxing day of just yard sales.

I thought I didn't get very much, though my pictures seem to show otherwise, LOL!  So here we go, in  order of how my photos loaded :).

Barbie sheets for Mustang, $2.00.  She currently has two loves, Barbie and Hanna Montana.  You will notice this in the other photos, too.

Two really nice top and skirt sets for Mustang.  I love this kind because they are comfy, modest, and easy to clean.  Best part, NO IRONING :).

My favorite one.  They were $2.00 for each set.

Three tops for Mustang, two are Gap.  25 cents each.

Hanna Montana top, 25 cents, Gap skirt, 50 cents, Flower jeans, $1.00.  All for Mustang.

2 pair of sandals for Mustang, 50 cents each.  The clear ones really aren't that dirty, the light on my camera hit them just right.  Mustang really wanted them, too.

Mustangs GREAT find!  A Barbie Karaoke machine that hooks up to the TV so she can see herself singing. Perfect for the Barbie/Hanna Montana fan :).  $5.00.

Charger's find.  A big-talking-Hudson Hornet to go with his big-talking-Lightning McQueen.  $2.00

There are 2 great finds (and 2 great kids) in this photo.  The Lego table made me very happy.  It was on my list of wants for this summer, and we found one at a sale for $10.00.  It was in perfect condition, but I was low on cash so I didn't know if I should get it or not.  I decided to go on to other sales and think about it.  Very next sale, I found this one for $2.00!!!  :)  There is also a Buzz Lightyear in this photo.  He was $2.00.  He will replace the one we have that is broken.

I ended up finding 2 fill a bag sales.  One was fill a bag for $1.00 and one was fill a bag for $5.00.  I really don't know which bag all of these came out of, but they were all part of one or the other.  9 long sleeve tops/sweaters for Charger for next fall.  

Part of the fill a bags.  Oh and I only bought ONE bag at each sale.  Fold and roll clothes to get the most in. 1 par if jeans, 2 pair of Adidas wind pants, and a cute pair of shoes.  All for Charger.

9 short sleeve shirts and a pair of pjs also part of the bag sales, all for Charger.

I have taken to dressing my little girls alike if I can.  It was fun to find matching or coordinating tops for this fall at one sale.  $4.00 total.

Super nice pair of dressy sandals for Mustang-should go very nicely with the new dresses.  $2.00.  Hanna Montana nightgown 50 cents (told you, lol).  The pink Ralph Lauren Polo dress is for Mini Cooper and matches one that Explorer has, 1.00, and a super cute cherry dress for Mini also $1.00.

All these are for Explorer and fit into the fill a bags, except the shoes that were 50 cents.

I almost forgot this puzzle!  It's been on my wish list for a long time!!  It seemed like last summer I would show up at a sale to watch someone else buy it!  $2.00.

A few little toys are not pictured, as are a pair of shorts for me that are too small.  My total was $41.00, not too shabby. 

Did you go yard sailing this week?  Come join us at My Life on A Taffy Pull!

Have a great weekend and God Bless!


We Can Do All Things said...

Wow you did great! I love yard sales.

Mrs. Taffy said...

You found so many great things!! I haven't seen that floor puzzle before, so cool! Love all the clothes too!

Thanks for linking up!

Anonymous said...

What great finds!! I have not made it to a sale yet.. but I did have a successful yard sale at the beginning of the month :-)

busy little bee said...

Great finds! I am so happy yard sale shopping is back. I picked up a few things this weekend (I will post them later).

momof4cutiez said...

Wow! Great finds!!