Thursday, March 14, 2013

5 Days of Teaching Creatively: Homeschooling a Crisis

We are up to day 4 of our blog hop, and I can honestly say I don't really feel qualified to write this post!!  Homeschooling in a Crisis makes me think of a serious illness, house fire, Dad's deployed, death, etc.  And, well, thankfully I can't tell you about those at this time in my life.  

What I CAN tell you about is how to school through a MAJOR change.  Those major changes include moving, having a baby!  These are changes that I have heard of many homeschooling moms having a hard time schooling through, so I wanted to share what worked for us.

My big tip....well, we didn't do school for a bit. Lol!  Right, you are thinking that is not so creative!!  That's not even teaching!  Okay, I'll elaborate :).

We school year round.  We don't have a set 'school year.'  We school about 4 days a week and go to our co-op on Fridays.  Some weeks we only school 2 or 3 days if we have extra appointments.  But, pretty much, if we don't have other plans, we have school.  

What this does is it allows us to be ready for a crisis/change/really bad day/vacation in October, etc, etc.  When school is going to be really tough, we take that time off.

When Explorer was born, we took over a month off!  We needed to.  I simply couldn't prepare for any sort of lessons whatsoever!  On other days, the kids would actually ask to use the Montessori materials. So, they were learning even though I wasn't 'teaching.'

If you have found yourself trying to teach through a new baby, be kind to yourself!!  Stressing yourself out with trying to get all the lessons done won't help you or your kids.  It won't be worth the extra effort you just put forth, either!  Read a few books, include the kids in your cooking times, and think up other ways to 'learn' without 'school.'

Now, I'll be honest, I have NO CLUE what I would do if my kids were in High School and on the brink of graduation.  So, for those of you in that situation, check out the crew blog and other crew links below.  Hopefully, one of them has a good recommendation!!

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Anonymous said...

Great post! We have yet to go through a major change or crisis. I hope we never go through the 2nd but I am sure we will go through some major change. I will have to remember this post for the future :-)