Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A is for Astronomy and Space

Blogging Through the Alphabet

Ever since I heard about Blogging through the Alphabet at Ben and Me, I have wanted to join in the fun!  Well, if I do it THIS week, I can start at A and {hopefully} get all the way through!!!  So, wish me luck, here we go {you can join in the fun, not too late!}.

Thanks to a review product {a lapbook from A Journey Through Learning} we have been learning about Astronomy and Space.  This is NOT the review-come back in a couple weeks for that.  This is just the-wow we are having so much fun I want to blog about it NOW post :).

The way that the lapbook is set up, is that you read a bit and then answer some questions.  It's really great, because it gives me just enough info to get the kids interested in a topic.  Then, I use my creativity {AKA web-surfing skills} to come up with some great Montessori extensions!

So far, we have covered Creation {Biblical Creation}, Solar System, and the Constellations.  And there we are currently stuck.  The kids do not want to move forward, they are LOVING the study of the stars!!

I actually made up a Pinterest board of the activities we are using, or plan to use as we go through this study. You can find it here.

These free Solar System Nomenclature cards come from The Helpful Garden.

I enjoyed seeing Mustang helping Mini Cooper on these!

Charger has had all kinds of questions since we started this unit.  

And these great Constellation Nomenclature cards are from Montessori For Everyone-also free!  Scroll down to constellation.pdf on that page.

This was my attempt to recreate the constellation building that What Did We Do All Day?  had on her blog.  The little girls wanted to count stars instead.   

Charger *kinda* got it, but not really.  He liked making up his own instead.

Also from What Did We Do All Day? I got the recommendation for this book:  

Find the Constellations by H.A. Rey.  AWESOME book!!!  And, Mustang has just poured over it.  She doesn't want to do the extensions, or move on to the other cool things we have planned for this unit.  All she wants to do is read the book.  AND she is retaining the information!  

One night, she asked if she could go out and observe the stars.  Those were her words!  She drug me out and told me what she thought all the different constellations were (I need to read the book, I guess, because I had no clue).  She was also able to tell me how they went together, the North Star, and more.  I was impressed!  So, yes, buy the book :)-not the Kindle version, either!

I have lots more fun ideas to come with this unit, but I will have to wait until they are ready to move on!! 

Check out what others did with the letter A at Ben and Me :).  Next week....letter B!

Thanks for stopping by and God Bless!


*We did receive the unit lesson from A Journey Through Learning free, but this is not my review :).  Also, the Amazon link is NOT an affiliate link.  

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