Monday, June 10, 2013

Field Trip: Nitro Joe

The library in the big city near (ish) us has a really neat program this summer.  Each Friday, we can join them for a presentation or field trip for FREE!  They have an awesome line up of events, and I am determined to go to nearly all of them with the kids.  So, pretty much every week this summer we will be headed out to learn.  This is my very favorite way to learn, so I am really excited about our summer!!

This last week was the first week of the summer program, and we had the opportunity to watch a free science show.  It was very cool.

Nitro Joe, as he calls himself, provided a very entertaining and educational show for the kids.  He used a lot of fire :).

A little blurry, but here he is throwing the fire!

Everyone wanted to help out with the show. Mustang brought her backpack :).

Blowing up a balloon with hydrogen that is being made from breaking down aluminum foil!

Freezing a quarter with dry ice.  It was great, because he would come around to show us up close what he was doing!

Dry ice turned into soda?  I think I got that right!

Blowing bubbles with dry ice and baby shampoo.  Can you see Explorer?  

And, he was even willing to pose for a photo with us afterwards!

Certainly a super fun field trip!!  We are so thankful we got to go and watch!

This week we are off to an island that holds log cabins we will get to tour.  Are you taking any field trips?  Hope your summer is going well no matter where you are going (or staying).

God Bless,

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Discovering Montessori said...

Fun Stuff! I would have enjoyed the show too. Sounds like you guys will be having plenty more field trip adventures. Thank you for sharing.