Tuesday, July 16, 2013

School Day Outtakes-First Day Back

It's been a little while since we had an official school day.  It was really nice to be back!!  I'm hoping to get a couple school days in this week and next and then go back full time in August.

We've been using a new curriculum during Bible time called Bible Study Guide for All Ages.  Review coming soon, but we love it!

We are also reviewing the Notgrass Draw To Learn books as part of our Bible time.  This one is Life of Jesus. Very neat program.

Remember last week when I mentioned that I was having a hard time interesting the kids in botany?  Ha, well, I brought out this book for our group learning time and afterwards, all they wanted to do was Botany.  I think the nature studies helped, too, because now Mustang is starting to notice the leaf shapes.   We also have some great root lessons coming up-thanks to the carrots in our garden :).

Roots by John Farndon, it is okay.  Has some good info, some annoying info (about our prehistoric humans who looked like apes-unnecessary in a book about roots), but over all okay.  Due to the content, it's the kinda book I recommend checking out at the library and not purchasing ;).

It did, however, motivate all the parts of a plant work.

And the parts of a root work.  All of our botany printables come from The Helpful Garden (free).

The little girls had some new work on their shelf today.  This one is OLD, but my littles haven't tried it.  It is clipping clothes pins on a cottage cheese container.  Mini Cooper loved it.

Going with our 'beach' theme, the Melissa and Doug spill toy.  She's too big for it, got them in and out on one try and then put it on the shelf.  They grow too fast!

Melissa and Doug under the sea puzzle.  I was impressed that Mini Cooper got this put together all by herself!

Explorer tried out the clothes pins, too. Of course she put them on upside down, but there is certainly some hand-eye coordination needed for that!

Happily working.  Love!!

Heading outside for a nature study.  Mini Cooper dressed herself today, and both girls insisted on their boots.  Love them!!

A bug just randomly dropped on their picnic table.  They watched it for quite awhile.

For our nature study, we followed the Handbook of Nature Study for cats. Mustang is very interested in our barn cat lately, so I thought this would be a good lesson.

Wendy was pretty good about the whole thing, and I am quite sure Mustang learned some new things about our cat!

She wouldn't show us her teeth, though, lol!!  So, we will have to finish our lesson with internet sources.

So that's our first day back.  Of course some other things happened, too, but those are the highlights.

Hope your schooling or summering is going well!

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