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TOS Review: Bible Study for All Ages

Bible time is part of our everyday routine.  We spend a little time learning about the Bible together, sometimes singing together, and saying a prayer together.  We have tried a lot of different Bible resources, many of which were nice, but I am finally able to say we have a keeper :).  You know, the one that I will (and actually have already) spent money on to continue the program.  This great program is Bible Study Guide for All Ages.

Bible Study Guide for All Ages has a few different programs to cater to each child's needs.  And, since I have 2 children ages 3 and 5, we were sent for review the Beginner Level Student Pages.  Now Mustang is beginning 2nd grade, but the publishers suggested that if you have more then one child, you should start with the level that the youngest is in, so that's why we requested the Beginner Level.

So, let me tell you a little bit about how the lessons work.

Here is a first half of a sample lesson.  As you can see on the right side, there are things to do each day.

 First up, is to learn Beginner Time Line Cards.  These are a set of 34 8.5 x 11 cards that have Bible facts to memorize.  The cards start at the beginning of the Bible and progress through to the end.  Each day, you review a few and learn a new one as part of the lesson.

Next, we worked on memorizing the books of the Bible.  Mustang already knew them, but Charger and Mini Cooper did not.  They now have a huge start on their AWANA verses for the year!

Each lesson also includes a song from the Children's Songs CD.  The one that you start with helps memorize the names of all 12 tribes of Israel!  I know I didn't memorize them until I was in college, so I think it's very fun my children get to learn them so early in life!  Other times, as in the lesson that you saw above, the song is a traditional favorite.  Our church hardly ever sings the traditional songs, and my children just don't know them.  I love this creative and fun way to mix them in!

The biggest gem in Bible Study Guide for all ages are the Bible lessons themselves.  You, the parent or teacher, reads the story straight from the Bible to the children.  Then, the coloring page allows you to help them understand what they just read.  Each box on the page explains a different portion of the story.  Sometimes we colored angry people red, or crossed out people who died.  Often, we outlined or circled the name of God to show that He was the one in charge or the one giving power to others.  Check out this page for a sample lesson.

Our review packet only included two copies of the student pages, so Mustang just listened at first.  That wasn't any fun :).  So, I went ahead and placed an order for another book for her.  Yes, we REALLY like it!!  

After getting tired of looking over every one's shoulder while they did their lessons, I ended up going ahead and placing a second order and getting a book for me, too.  I wish I had decided to do that before hand so I didn't have to pay shipping twice!  But, I think it speaks a few volumes for my recommendation that I did go ahead and place not just one, but 2 different orders.

Now, in case you are wondering, the books include one semester (26 lessons) per book.  And, there are sixteen of them!  So we have a program that is going to take quite a while :).  That is why I am so glad it hits all the different points and is easily adaptable for my various ages.  

Because of this lengthy approach, this first semester covers Joseph, Daniel and Jesus.  I appreciated the reason the authors chose to do this.  You can read the full answer on their frequently asked question page, but the short answer is that they have the students study part of the life of Jesus each year, so they don't go straight through the Bible.

Now, I do have one small thing that mostly just gave my husband the giggles and left us with a question mark.  And that is, the first few lessons in the book discuss the story of Joseph and Potifer's wife!  Now, yes, I do realize it IS in the Bible, but I thought it a little strange to make it one of the very first stories that we are teaching to 4 and 5 year olds?  

The presentation of the Bible in this program is my favorite so far.  The materials are affordable and effective.  I love that Bible Study for All Ages covers reading the story, comprehending the story, music, memorization, and then has an application story at the end.  So, it really covers each style of Bible learning.  It even allows for coloring and a 'take home page' if you want to call it that, without a cheesy craft :).

Bible Study for All Ages Student Pages retail for $5.95 per book.  You will need one for each student in your family.

The Beginner Timeline Cards retail for $24.95 and you will just need one set that is used for all the students throughout the entire 16 book curriculum.

Children's Songs CD retails for $19.95 and, again, you will just need one.

The Beginner Teacher Visuals are for use with two or more students.  They retail for $9.95 for each semester.  Though you can choose to just purchase a student book for yourself, the Teacher Visuals are on sturdy card-stock.  

If you are looking for a fun, detailed, unique approach for teaching the Bible to your littles, I HIGHLY recommend Bible Study for All Ages.  But, I am not the only one who reviewed this program.  Check out the crew blog to see what other families thought, too.

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