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TOS Review: Notgrass Company

I always enjoy finding homeschooling materials that are written by veteran homeschoolers.  I appreciate materials that are well thought out, easy to introduce, appealing to my children, and affordable.  The Notgrass Company seems to understand what I am looking for.

The Notgrass Company is a family owned and operated business. They have been homeschooling since 1990!  In 1999, they decided to start producing homeschool materials.  It started with just mom and dad, but has grown to include their son, daughter, son-in-law and daughter-in-law.  So, there are also homeschooled adults producing homeschooling materials. Yep, love that!

So what did they send us?  We received their line of Draw to Learn products.  This includes Draw to Learn Acts, Proverbs, Psalms, the Letters of Paul, and the Life of Jesus.  We received all of these in e-book form and also a physical copy of Draw to Learn Proverbs.

The Draw to Learn products provide a unique way to learn about the Bible.  The entire goal behind the Draw to Learn series is to encourage students to READ, THINK, DRAW.  For each lesson, a Bible passage is read.  The work page then repeats part of the story, and provides a detailed idea for you to consider.  After reading the further thoughts, the lesson then asks you to draw what you just read about.

Some of the ideas are easy to think of-such as draw the three gifts the Magi brought, but none of the lessons just say 'draw a picture.' Each lesson wants you to think a little more about the passage.  For example, in the photo below Mustang is drawing an angel visiting Mary.  The instructions say 'Mary was troubled when the angel spoke to her, and she wondered about his words.  Make a drawing of Mary with a wondering expression.'


Of the books we were sent, I decided to focus our review period on Draw to Learn the Life of Jesus.  I thought this would be the easiest of the 5 for my young children to understand.  And, because we were sent the e-book version, I was able to print off copies for all of my children.  The copyright of the physical books does not allow for any copying, but the e-book allows you to print for your own family.  That was a huge savings with 3 children!

I was very impressed at how easily the children understood what to do, and jumped right in to draw.  Even my 3 year old was able to add her version of Mary and the Angel.

I really enjoyed the depth of this product, as the idea of encouraging journaling of the Bible through art beginning at such a young age will really stick with them!  I loved that I could draw right along with them and we could study and remember the Bible together with just a few pieces of paper and some crayons.  The Draw to Learn books have also been a great way to encourage my Mustang, especially, to think further about what she is reading during the Bible lessons.

Each of the Draw to Learn books contains 150 lessons!  They retail for $14.95 for the physical book and $9.95 for the e-book.  While I raved about the e-book because I could used it for all my children, I really think the physical book is wonderful, too.  It is spiral bound, and is very pretty.  I like the idea that when finished, you would have a great representation of not only your art, but also of your Bible studies!  I do intend to allow Mustang to use it when she is finished with The Life of Jesus.

The ages for the Draw to Learn books are 'all ages' and I would certainly agree.  My Mini Cooper at just 3 was able to participate, and even Explorer-who is one-enjoyed having her own page to scribble on.  But, that will soon turn into purposeful drawing. Even I found this to be an enjoyable way to study the Bible.  So, I have to say that the Draw to Learn books would make a perfect to your family worship time.

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