Sunday, December 15, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up December Week Two

Well, we got a little less school done this week then last, but we at least did SOMETHING ;).  Still focusing on Christmas using books, music, and movies.

Non Christmasy:

We have been working still on AAS.  Charger finished level one step 14 and went on to 15.  We usually do about 10 words per day.  Spelling them with the moveable alphabet on day one and writing them out on day two.  Mustang is on level two step 2.  For her we do ten words spelled out with the alphabet and then written out on the same day.

All the kids have been working through the workbooks I have found for them to do this month.  Charger doesn't really like them, Mustang tolerates them, and Mini Cooper loves them.  So, we will continue with workbooks with Mini Cooper in January, but go back to our old style with Charger and Mustang.

Christmas books we read:

The Wild Christmas Reindeer by Jan Brett-This is a silly book, and the reindeer have different names then our traditional ones.  But, the favorite part was certainly looking at all of Jan Brett's illustrations.  In the margins, she draws pictures of what all the elves are doing each day of the month of December in preparation for Santa's big night.  Making clocks, baking cookies, and counting oranges.  We loved looking to see what they were going to do each day!

The Little Drummer Mouse by Mercer Meyer.  This book somehow missed my list of books, I think.  This is certainly a favorite!!  The pictures are incredible, and the story is so much fun to read!  Lots of chances for voices of the mouse and the kings!  I loved it.  Certainly a must read!

Little House in the Big Woods, adapted from Little House on the Prairie.  We talked about the differences in our Christmas and Laura's.  How we received many more gifts (not sure if that is a good thing).  How we traveled by car.  How our stove looked very different.  I also pointed out that the house we live in once had a stove like the one in the pictures and we talked about how life would have been different living in the small original house of the 1870's.  This prompted Mustang to take out our Little House paper dolls and recreate the story.

Christmas Songs:

Well, um, I dropped the ball on this one this week.  BUT, they have been happily singing the 12 Days of Christmas!

Christmas Movies:

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Jim Carrey version), Santa Claus is Coming to Town (realized that it was a strange and creepy movie), Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, Frosty Returns, and Family Man (Daddy's favorite).

Christmas Printables:

I believe all of our printables this week came from the 3 Dinosaurs printable pack and the Reindeer Pack from Royal Baloo

We also finally had our first snow of the season!!  Great big HUGE flakes and now about 5 inches of snow.  Loved it!!

This week we may or may not be doing school.  We WILL be wrapping presents, packing, and getting ready for Christmas at grandma and grandpas!!  Can't wait!!

Hope your December is going well!

Merry Christmas,


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great week! I love the picture of the kiddos watching the snow fall by the Christmas tree :-)

Mama J said...

Love keeping up with what ya'll are doing :0) I feel more connected & you always inspire me!