Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Eve 80's Costumes and Party Dip

Every year we go ring in the new year with an awesome group of friends that we don't see nearly enough. But, we always have a lot of fun! This year was no exception!!

For the first time, there was a theme-the 1980's. After searching a bit on Pinterest, I realized that most of what we needed for our costumes were...already in our closets! A quick trip to the thrift store finished them off. I have to admit I was really excited about this and was pleased with the results!

For Explorer, we took the Punky Brewster look.  We grabbed a jacket that was a bit too small and rolled up the sleeves.  Top is from Gap, and the necklace is from my drawer.  Miss-matched crazy shoes and piggy tails finished it off.  The little barrettes didn't show in the photo.

Mini Cooper got a cross between Punky and Michelle Tanner.  The Muppet's tee-shirt came from the thrift store, and the jean jacket is actually 2 sizes too small for her, but fit perfectly with the outfit.  High-top tennis shoes, side ponytail, and her new Hello Kitty necklace made it perfect.  I think her outfit was my favorite :).

For Mustang, I was thrilled to find this super tacky, acrylic, straight from the 80's sweater!  It even has metallic thread.  I swear I had this shirt at one point, lol!  Paired with a skirt and leggings directly from her closet, handmade leg-warmers we found at the recent homeschool swap, and a pair of stylin' heals, she was rockin' it!  Big hair was so fun with her hair, and her fingernails are each painted a different color.  I loved it, she didn't really.  

And there there was me!  I got most of my outfit at the thrift store.  I found these stylin (or not) maternity jeans with the tags still on them.  Lol!  Yep they were cute.  The jacket came from the same place.  Now the shirt, I had, but hadn't thought to pair it with a hot pink blazer and awesome hot pink shoes.  Too bad you can't see my they won't be part of my daily wear!  I soo wish I had thought to pick up a broach, but hopefully my big hair and hot pink lipstick made up for it.  

Charger dressed up, but somehow we don't have a picture.  He was really hard, as the current clothes are 'almost' the same but just not quite.  We paired a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tee with a pair of tight-rolled jeans.

My husband was not interested in dressing up, lol!  But, that's okay we still had a great time!

My snack to share was a recent Pinterest find and boy was it yummy!!  It includes artichokes, crab meat, cream cheese, and best of all a crock pot!!  You can read the entire recipe at Real House Moms. Lots of compliments and just a little left over to munch on today :).

So, how did you ring in your New Year?  I hope you had a lot of fun with your family, friends, or whomever you spent your night with.  

Happy New Year!!

God Bless,

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Anonymous said...

Oh my word your costumes were too cute!!! We had an 80s Christmas party with our homeschool group it was fun! We rang in the new year with our community group (our church's silly name for a bible study based on location). We didn't stay out late since we had company and lost of small children sleeping together in our house and we didn't want them to be cranky the next day ;-)