Sunday, February 23, 2014

O is for Olympics Montessori Inspired Activities and Matryoshka Dolls Too!

Flat out, this one was fun!!  By the end of the week, I may have been having as much planning as they were having doing.  Here's a peek into our week.

Sorting buttons.  This is part of a free printable pack from Chestnut Grove Academy.  The buttons were from Hobby Lobby.

Magnet page, also from Chestnut Grove Academy.  To be honest, the girls weren't too interested in this one.

I had seen a few trays of beading pipe cleaners and then turning them into the Olympic rings.  I decided to just have them try making the rings.  This was only for Mini Cooper (4) and even she couldn't do it.  I need to come up with some creative and interesting ways to teach twisting.

Roll a graph is one of Mini Cooper's absolute favorite activities right now.  So, she was thrilled when this one was put out.  This one also came from Chestnut Grove Academy (it was a great pack).

Both girls enjoyed shadow matching from 3Dinosaurs.  I was really impressed and surprised at how well Explorer did with them!

I pulled out one of my hidden treasures (hidden so they don't get broken).  And, as I suspected they were a huge hit! 

When I switched gears from Olympics to Matryoshka Dolls, I may have gone a bit crazy :).

I found this (free) from Paging Supermom.  I printed 2 sets-a color one and a black and white one.  The idea was to color a set to match the colored one.  

Mini Cooper really loved coloring hers to match.  
Explorer just colored them how she wanted.  Both loved this!

This one was my favorite.  I found a ton of beautiful FREE Matryoshka Doll printables on Hugo Les Cargo.  I printed a couple copies of one of them and wrote numbers on each of the girls to create cards and counters.  

Mini Cooper loved giving them all their princess jewels.

 Instead of making nesting dolls from toilet paper rolls like the creator of this free printable (which would be adorable BTW, I just didn't have time to save rolls), I printed them out and made a matching game.  This was specifically for Explorer and she loved it.  Her favorite were the pink dolls, of course.  This is from Atelier Cherry.

This last one was fun, and Explorer did really well with it. I started with blank dolls (free) from Zakka Life.

Then, I colored in the dolls and traced around buttons that we had.

She loved it!  I was so pleased to not only see her to a great job with it, but to try and say the word heart.  She has a limited vocabulary and it has been growing a lot lately.  I really think it's all the extra activities we have been doing together!

There were a few more activities that we either didn't get to, or they didn't get pictured.  You can see them on my Pinterest board.

It was a seriously fun week.  This next week will probably seem quite dull, comparatively.  In fact, I have yet to plan anything thanks to my evenings being full of watching the Olympics this week.  I'll be stopping by YOUR blogs to get some ideas :).

Hope you have a great week!!
God Bless,

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Anik W. said...

Oh I especially love all the Matryoshka activities :) I remember I had that doll when was a child :)

kewkew said...

Lots of fun activities! Love all the Olympics ideas. I love your Matryoshka Dolls (never knew that was what they are called, used to play with some at a relatives when I was a kid) and the activities you came up with to go with them. Thanks for stopping by Toddler Idea Tuesday.

Vanessa Forristall said...

Amazing ideas. Thanks for all the links to printables!