Sunday, February 9, 2014

Tot School and Preschool Wrap Up Letter D for Duck Bird Theme

Following the Tot School plans from 1+1+1=1, we moved forward to letter D for Duck and learned about birds.

Trays used this week 

Bird matching.  This came from the bird {free} pack at 3 Dinosaurs.

Using the same pack, I made a size sorting tray.  

Instead of using the sorting mat in the pack, I made little nests from construction paper.  Explorer called them bowls.  I'm not that crafty!

These were supposed to be used for patterning, I think.  But I did a sort and count tray for Mini Cooper.  Printables are also from the 3 Dinosaurs pack.  

 This one is not related to our bird theme, but is great for winter.  I found the snowflakes at the Dollar Tree (they are ornaments), and I wrote a number of 0-9 on each.  Mini Cooper counted out beads to go with each.  Explorer matched one to one, placing a bead in the center of each.

Bird themed puzzles from Discovery toys.

Montessori Materials used this week

Explorer worked with the pink tower this week.  I always love watching this material in action!

Mini Cooper had her second presentation of the teens boards.

We also brought out the teens hanger.

The letter d sandpaper letter was introduced.  The sound disks are from The Helpful Garden.

Explorer has been tracing letters all week.

And, we joined the big kids making play-dough landforms and using our water beads with them.

Learning Toys

Our Melissa and Doug alphabet train puzzle was a big hit (though it required the girls to share-not such a big hit).

Melissa and Doug spelling puzzles.

 Duck lacing cards, and Lauri puzzles (I chose just the duck and bird puzzles for this week).

Printables, books & more

We used printables from 1+1+1=1's D is for Duck tot pack.

We read Have You Seen Birds?  by Jeanne Oppenheim

We attempted to make bird art with our fingerprints, but she just wanted to put her fingerprint all over the paper.  That worked too.

Last, but not least, thanks to a large snowstorm this week, we all enjoyed some snow ice cream.  Yummy!!

It was a great week and we had a lot of fun!  We've also been enjoying the beginning of the Olympics.  This next week, we will be doing the very typical and timely theme of Valentine's Day :).

Hope you had a great week!

God Bless,

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Candice said...

Hi! I am just starting the tot school myself!! I just got onto the letter a we are doing this week, great to see your kids in action! Have a great week

kewkew said...

Lots of fun bird activities. I am thinking we may be able to use them for our Q:Quail unit with MFW. Our D unit was quite a while ago and was Dinosaur. Love the counting activity, and why didn't I ever think of using my Tupperware trays for activities. Thanks for the idea. Love all the fun Montessori activities.
Thanks for sharing over at Toddler Idea Tuesday.
Have a great evening.