Sunday, February 16, 2014

V is for Valentine's Trays and Weekly Wrap Up

This week, my little girls learned about just one thing:  Valentines.  I used some of my old trays and made some new ones.  We also had an entire day of Valentine's fun on Thursday.  You can read about it here.

Trays this week

It was pretty much all trays this week, so this section will be long ;).

This printable came from the (free) Valentine's Pack at Gift of Curiosity.   I really liked this one for Explorer, because when we do cards and counters, she only wants to put one counter with each card.  Since these cards have a place for each counter, she put more then one. 

Magnet page from the same pack.

For this one, I had Mini Cooper lay a gem on each h.  This printable is also from Gift of Curiosity.

For this one, Mini Cooper matched the amount of hearts on the left side with buttons on the right (also from Gift of Curiosity).

The idea of this was to put one bead in each one liked this one.

Parmesan cheese container and heart sticks from the dollar tree. Always a favorite.  

Heart patterning from PreKinders.   The hearts are from Oriental Trading Company.

Count and clip cards.  I downloaded these from Tired Need Sleep a few years ago. Now they are free-but only if you use Scribd.  

This one is a magnet counting page (free) from Crystal and Company.  We also used the heart tree coloring page from her pack (but no photos).

Transferring feathers with tweezers.  This lasted about 5 seconds.  Then, she wanted to throw them around.

Sorting pink and purple-perfect for Explorer right now. She only seems to know these two colors.   Everything is 'hink' and if you tell her it isn't, then it has to be purple.

This was by far the favorite tray.  They both had lots of fun filling the little heart boxes with treasures.

Explorer loved shaking them to hear the gem inside.

Montessori Materials 

We had only one Montessori Material this week.  I introduced the V sandpaper letter and the sound circles from The Helpful Garden.

Books and other stuff

Along with the big kids, we have been learning about the Olympics.  I got these great 3 part cards of figure skating poses from Every Star is Different.

And, it's not Valentines without Olive My Love :).

Those were the main highlights of the week, and of course all of our Valentine's fun on Thursday just topped it off.  We will be focusing on only the Olympics this next week.  Hope you had a great week!!

God Bless,

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Anik W. said...

Oh I like your Valentine's activities! You had so many great ideas to learn within this theme :)

Anonymous said...

I still can't over how big they are getting!! Looks like they had a lot of valentine fun!!

Jenn said...

Love all your ideas for the littles!

kewkew said...

I love all the Valentine tray ideas. Some of those materials look very familiar. We used to have those little heart boxes and the clip cards. Unfortunately they have been lost or ruined. And the cheese shaker is always a fun activity here. We have used those heart sticks before too. Love the rose counter cards, great for one-to-one counting.
Thanks for stopping by and sharing on Toddler Idea Tuesday. Was glad to see you back. Just to let you know, this week's post is up. I highlighted and linked back to your post and Pinned it to a couple of boards.
Have a great day!