Friday, February 28, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up 2014 Week 8

Another fun week!  It was much lighter this week, though.  I think I prefer lighter :).

Parts of a Fruit

Our biggest area of learning this week, was the parts of a fruit.  We labeled apples, bananas, and oranges.  I took it a step further and added some food prep activities.

Banana prep.

We also tried 'opening a banana like a monkey' which was going around Facebook this week.  Turns out, you can just squeeze the bottom end and it will pop open!!  We were all quite impressed.

We used our apple slicer for the apple.  Charger found it a bit harder then he thought he would.

Orange prep, we used an orange peeler.  This was the most challenging, but I could tell the most rewarding, too!

Printables used:

We used the FREE parts of fruit cards from The Helpful Garden.  They are part of the Botany Nomenclature Set.

We also used the FREE parts of a pear book and definitions from Montessori Workjobs.

This added to the workplans the parts of fruit mini books which are also in the set from The Helpful Garden.  

Black History Month

We completed our Black History Month studies this week.  Our discussions were about Ben Carson, Mae Jemison, Pres. Barack Obama, and Michael Jordan.  

We read The Young Jackie Robinson, which lead to a discussion about what a stolen base is in baseball.  It was classic.

We discussed slavery and the things that were given to slaves, and not given to slaves (at least on average).  After I presented them, I cut them apart for the kids to sort later.  

We then discussed segregation laws after slavery.  These cards each represent something that was not equal for whites and blacks.

With this map and cards shown below, we also discussed which states were in the Union and which states were in the Confederacy.

Using the map and the shape of the states, one of their works this week was to sort the Union and Confederate states.  

Printables used:

For our calendar this month, we used the Black History Month Calendar Connections FREE from 1+1+1=1.

The three last printables: map and sorting states, things slaves were allowed to have, and the segregation laws all came from a FREE printable pack from Every Star is Different.

Geometry and Math:

In Geometry, we reviewed a solid, point, line, and plane. 

I introduced the line segment, ray, straight lines, and curved lines.

I also introduced vertical and horizontal lines.  The jar of water is part of the Montessori lesson on horizontal lines. 

In math, I presented the second half of the subtraction strip board lessons.  I think they both got it really well before, and probably I could have skipped the lesson.  BUT, I always hate to do that just in case.  Mustang went ahead and completed the rest of the booklet of problems, I suspect Charger will next week.

Our last highlight of the week was in honor of our 'fruity' week.  I decided we needed to graph...RUNTS!!!!  So, we drew our on graphs, put pictures of little fruit at the bottom, colored some boxes...but mostly we just ate Runts.  Yep, great way to end a Friday!!

Printables used:

The Montessori Geometry Lessons came free from Cultivating Dharma.  Unfortunately, it looks like she may have taken them down for now, but she says they will be back at some point.

The parts of and types of line cards were FREE from Homemade Montessori.  Thank you, Homeschool Den, for letting us know about them!!

We are awaiting yet ANOTHER snowstorm tomorrow which has put a wrench in a few of our plans.  But, *hopefully* this will be the last one for the year???  One can pray!  I need a new printer cartridge, so it will depend on the weather as to what our school plans for next week become.  Could be interesting :).

I hope you had a great week!  Thanks for stopping by!

God Bless,


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Jenni Ryan said...

Looks like a great week! Light weeks are my favorite too ;) Have a great weekend!!

Anonymous said...

What a great week!! I love the apple labeling. I am pinning that to use in the future! I did a good job of taking pictures last week.. now to get them off my camera and post about them ;-)

Phyllis said...

There is so much to love with this post. I love the botany nomenclature. I love the cards for the north and south divisions. I love the geometry terms activity. What a great week!

Beth said...

Your week looks fun. I like the hands on things that you do.

Beth said...

Your week looks fun. I like the hands on things that you do.

Tina At September said...

Fun week :) great work!

Kay @Kays Korner said...

Oh my goodness, I love runts!! That would make me pay attention with graphing ;-) I remembering doing my oldest's first lessons with M&M because it was the best way to keep his attention. He still loves them!

We finished up our Civil War this week as well. Rough subjects. My kids asked lots of questions. I bet you had some long discussion too, eh??

Kayra said...

I love the ideas for geometry (math geek here!). I'm going to store that for later.
My kids want to do American history next year because they want to go around the state and look at all the historical places from the Confederacy era. thankfully we are just 45 minutes from Vicksburg and Natchez so there is tons of places nearby