Sunday, April 13, 2014

Montessori Preschool Human Body Week (Part 1)

I like to use the same theme for my little girls as the big kids, if I can.  This week, we were all learning about the human body book.  Our big kids' wrap up is here. 

One of our books this week was a cute little board book that Explorer found at the library book sale last week.

Then we found our toes :).

At Christmas time, I picked up this super cute puzzle from Discoveroo.  It has five different layers-clothed, skin, muscles, organs, and then skeleton.  It is a little challenging for little ones at first, but they really enjoyed the challenge.  Great way to learn about the body systems at a young age!

We used toilet paper tubes to listen to each other's hearts-it really does work!

I picked up this super cool Anatomy Apron used from one of our local Facebook swap sites for $3.00.  It's awesome!

We talked about our heart and added it to the apron.  We will be working through the other organs after Easter.

It seemed like a good week to also read about our emotions.  Miss Spider was often sad and then very happy, and the other bugs were scared.  Of course, it was the favorite book of the week as well.  

Last up, we tried something new from our local library-A Tag reading system.  We've never had one of these, but our library has 4 that you can check out and use at home.  The girls have LOVED it...until it ran out of batteries of course.  I need to get some more.

We're planning a crazy week this week, so I hope you have a good one!!

God Bless,

Tot School Montessori Monday

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