Monday, April 7, 2014

The First Daily Checklist (Master Bedroom Daily Checklist) Printable

I am documenting my own journey of cleaning up my house after an illness, but maybe there are others who will want to join me (now or sometime in the future).  So, I decided to make a printable at the end of each week.  These can be printed based on what week you are at in your journey, or by room.  I will be adding them as I complete them in my journey.

This week's is a list of the things to work towards if you are first starting, and then to maintain daily after completing the cleanup of the master bedroom.

This one is short.

1.  Make the bed
2.  Get dressed
3.  Start at your bedside and walk around to the other side of the bed.  
  • Pick up all trash, clothes, and things that should not be on the floor.  
  • Clear surfaces of all items that don't belong.  
  • Make anything that does belong look good.
4.  Close the closet doors
5.  Complete one load of laundry (wash and dry)

This same list can be printed here:  Daily checklist #1 printable.

I also rewrote this list leaving off the laundry (and getting dressed) if you would be interested in daily checklists by room.  Master bedroom daily checklist printable.

For now, these are very basic, covering only the things I have discussed in my progress.  I will add more detailed ones as I get farther into my journey (but these will stay the same, I'll add the harder ones separately).

Hope they are helpful!

God Bless,

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