Thursday, November 2, 2017

Tutorial for Waseca Biomes Reading Boxes

Hi all!  It's been forever since I posted, lol!  But, I agreed to put together a tutorial for another guide at our co-op and decided I should share with you all, also!  My phone would only take little videos, so I have a few of them. 

I enjoyed making these.  I may have Mustang help me make longer videos with her camera soon.

These are for the Waseca Reading boxes.  We have found this material to be a wonderful addition to the co-op shelves.  They are used for Kindergarten (and a rare 4 year old) and up.  There are four steps to each box.  These videos show the four steps. 

You can order the program here (not an affiliate link):

Hope you find them helpful!

God Bless!


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