Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gymboree Clearance

This is one of my favorite shopping days of the year-Gymboree clearance. And this year it was even better!!! It is Gymbucks redemption days and they continued their red balloon clearance sale with the Gymbucks!!!

Many of you have been so sweet to complement my children on their cute clothing (thank you!). And I think that you think I spend a bunch of money on their clothes. I dont. With the exception of a select few items, I have never spent more then 5.00 per article of clothing in my kid's closets. Many items were much, much cheaper then that.

How do you get Gymbucks? Last month was Gymbuck 'earning's period.' You had to spend at least 50.00 before tax to get a Gymbuck. For every 50.00 you spend you get another Gymbuck. There is a slated 'redemption period.' Each Gymbuck is worth 25.00 off a purchase of 50.00 or more. They can be used on anything, regular priced, sale, or clearance items.

I had one Gymbuck. My total before tax and Gymbuck was 51.90. After Gymbuck and tax, my total OOP was 28.96.

Here is what I purchased:

For Charger:
~Jungle Safari Lion Romper, was 26.50, paid 4.14
~Jungle Safari Stripe Romper, was 26.50, paid 3.62
~Jungle Safari Leaf Shorts, was 18.50, paid 2.07

For Mustang:
~Tropical Garden Bike Shorts, was 12.50, paid 2.59
~Cherry Baby Bike Shorts, was 12.50, paid 2.07
~Holland Days Leggings, was 12.50, paid 2.59
~Fall Forest Leggings, was 14.50, paid 1.55
~Prep School Swing Top, was 24.50, paid 2.59

For the baby
~Little Field Mouse Blanket (hoping girl), was 19.50, paid 3.61
~Little Pumpkin Top, was 14.50, paid 2.07

Total spent: 28.96, total saved: 155.10 And that's how I dress my kiddos in name brand clothes for less then Wal-mart prices. Sometimes I even make money on them...but that's another post.


Anonymous said...

Nice snag!! We don't have gymboree here.. or anything for that matter. Just a jcpenney. I'm way jealous!!
I hope I get a girl next time too!! Hope we both luck out and get what we want!!

Story hour @ the old folks home is pretty much the same. (or so I hear. this is my first time) they just sit with us while we do two stories. Then we interact with them and sing a song with the kids. Then we just play some and toss around a beach ball. A lot of them are lonely and love seeing the kids. It's actually Alzheimer patients so they are pretty lonely! I'll be sure to report how it goes!

CrYsTaL j MiTcHeLl said...

WOW Lisa!! I am glad you posted this. The closest to me is like 45 minutes..., but I think that will be worth the drive!!

Ashlee said...

Wow, you got a lot of great things! Woo hoo for sales!!!