Monday, January 19, 2009

Pregnant brain episode #1

I am sure that there will be many, many of these, but I have a good one today.

I needed to go to the bank and deposit money so that I could go to the grocery store. Being pregnant, I am a bottomless pit and eat everything in sight, so I needed more FOOD. I had my mind dreaming of all the great things I would purchase at Aldi and couldnt wait till tomorrow to restock my shelves.

I waited for Charger to get up from his longest nap ever, and got Mustang and him ready for the store-which took a lot of effort today because Mustang was determined to wear her Happy Feet pj's to the store. So they were finally dressed and had their coats on and the van was running and I just needed to strap them in.

And I looked up. Huh, my neighbor's car was in her driveway. It's Monday, she is supposed to be at work. Right, of course not, its Martin Luther King Day. The bank is not open. There will be no deposit so there will be no shopping trip. Right.

Turn off the van, take off the coats, and console DD who really really wants to go to the store. Tomorrow, I assure her, tomorrow we will go to Aldi. *Sigh*

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CrYsTaL j MiTcHeLl said...

lol Lisa!! Totally sounds like something I would do, and I am not pregnant that I know of!!